Sunday, November 16, 2014

Santo Domingo Week 13

Kumusta po kayo Francis pamilya,
I am doing great, it has been such a great week here in the Philippines.   Buhay Pa that means still living. But everything is going great, trying new food, meeting new people and working hard and doing the Lord's work. I have had so much fun this week, we have taught so many lessons, the language is coming little by little but I am getting better. 

 My House, is great it's green I sent a picture to you I think.  It's great, it's really hot in the apartment and we are always using fans to cool us off. We have a room were we study in and it's also the kitchen then we have a room where we sleep, then another room for putting our clothes. Our house is so nice, we have a shower head that works.  The kitchen is great we eat a lot of amazing food that Elder Williams makes, and he is showing me how to make.  We eat a lot of rice with curry and adobo, and other good stuff, it's so tasty. 
A typical day is we get up every morning at 6:30 and shower, work out, and eat breakfast. Depending on the day we could go straight to proselyting or just personal, companion study which is great. Then we have lunch at 12:00 and then more work.  It's so hot, but I love working and doing the Lord's work. Then we come back around 8:00 to talk about how we did, eat dinner, write in our journals and other stuff. But it's always great here in the Philippines. 

It's sounding like you guys are having a great week, and you guys had a lot of fun.  Send pictures of what you guys do, and I will send a lot of here in the the Philippines.  I sure miss you guys and love you a ton. Skyler is going to be a great missionary, he is such a hard worker and he never gives up when things are hard for him. I wish him good luck, and I wish their family the best.  I hope everything is going great back there at home. I am doing great it's been fun here and it's always hot here it's just going to get hotter and hotter but that won't stop me from doing the Lord's work. 

I miss you guys a ton, I hope everything is going well.  How is the all of the family doing? how is the ward doing and how is Emily doing?  How is work going for you and dad?   
I sure am loving it here, I will buy some souvenirs for you guys and I will keep them with me till I get home, but there are so many cool things here, what are your guys shirt sizes? Today we had zone activity we had a boodle fight which is with a lot of food, we eat with our hands. We were at the beach and played a lot of fun games, it has been so much fun.  I got to attend a baptism for a little girl this week which was great. 

Mahal kita, Elder Francis 

P.S. Thank you for the boxes, will you send me some more body spray, and sunscreen, and chocolate, and some of my favorite candy and drinks?

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