Monday, September 29, 2014

MTC Week 6

Here are some pictures of the Sisters in my Zone, they are all really beautiful, and very kind and funny.
I found Cole, he is leaving soon and is super excited.
And the last picture is some of the sisters and elders in my zone.  I love my zone so much. 

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Ryan Francis <ryan.francis@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hey Francis family, I am a little scared, but really excited.  I am scared about new culture, new food, new time zone, and people. But I am very excited to meet new people and try new foods, and get to know people and love them, and bring the light of the gospel to the Filipino people. We are all excited to go, and teach the gospel and try new things.

It sounds like Emily's team is doing great and that she is doing really good, she has to try out for the team next year. It's been raining here too, but it's ok I got to get used to the wet weather. Dad has been going everywhere, how is he doing and how is work going for him and you, and how is school going for Emily? Thank you for all the boxes, and yea put some money on my card.  I want a Philippines flag for Christmas, and maybe some new ties, pink or blue.

I am so exited to leave the MTC, but I will miss it a lot - the people I got to meet, the sisters and elders in my zone. Yea I am the flight travel group leader.  I have flown more than everybody in my zone. I will watch all my stuff very carefully and I will keep track of everything, and I will have a lot of fun on the planes getting to know people and teaching people the gospel if they want to hear it. I have no questions about flying because I have done it so much, and I know a lot about airports. I cant wait to tell you about my week and send you pictures of the Manila Temple and the Philippines.

It will be hard at first but I am super excited to go and meet new people and try new things, and bear my testimony about Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon, and the restored gospel. I will be careful with the food and the water, I will listen to the rules. Thank you for the Phone and I will call you.  Let Emily stay home on her birthday so I can talk to her, and say I love her and goodbye. I am sending Emily a birthday card, then when I get to the Philippines I will find a little present for her. I can use the phone, thank you.  I cant wait to hear from you guys. Send pictures of you guys and the dogs, the house, how you guys are doing,  I love and miss you guys.

Thank you for everything.  I get to email on Wednesday before I leave so I can't wait to talk to you then. 
Mahal kita, Elder Francis

Friday, September 26, 2014

MTC Week 5

Tell Emily great job on scoring a goal that is astig (awesome), it sounds like her team is doing great. It's crazy how fast the MTC is going I leave in 12 days.  I got my flight plans and I am going with my whole district and I am the flight leader for us. We go to Oregon and then stay in that airport for 5 hours, then we head to Tokyo Japan, and stay there for a 2 hour lay over, then we head to Manila, and I stay in that MTC for five days. I am so excited.  I have 30 days out in the field and then I get to go to Hong Kong and get another visa, so I get to see China too. This week was so awesome.  On Monday I got to Host Senior Missionaries, and then Tuesday your are not going to believe who came and gave a devotional.   Elder Richard G.Scott.  It was so cool.  I sang in the choir, and his talk was so cool I learned so much from it. Without Faith you can do nothing. On earth we can feel to grow, to develop, the truth we receive on earth. The lord wants you to succeed not fail, God will not abandon you, God knows your potential to become a great missionary, serve the Lord and love the people.

On Thursday I got to skype somebody from the Philippines with my companion and we got to teach her a lesson, it was scary at first but then we felt the spirit and the lesson went really well, I loved teaching her it was such a cool experience. I am so excited to leave to the Philippines and serve and bring the light and the gospel to the people of the Philippines. The language is coming, it's still hard but it will come in the field.  I can bear my testimony though, and pray in Tagalog, the best thing you can do is bear your testimony. 
That's cool that Emily is liking soccer, and her team is doing great, and that's cool that she got to see her friend Rachel. 
I will send you the flight plans next week in a letter ok,  I love you guys so much, and miss you guys. 

Thank you very much for the package.  I loved the pink ties and so does my Kasama, he says thank you, thank you for all the letters, and boxes. Will you make sure I have some money on my debit card for check-in?
That is a scary picture of that spider, and I love to see your class, that's so cool to see different cultures and I love to see Emily's first day of school picture. 

Mahal kita (I love You)
I will talk to you guys this week sometime.   love you and miss you.
Masigla Elder Francis

MTC Week 4

Here are some pictures, of some of the kids i graduated with, my teacher, some kids in my zone, the girls in my zone, there is one that is really cute, and friendly sister George. Sister Emery is going to to Utah State after her mission. But that's the pictures, i am doing great.

Magandang Umaga,
My week has been great this week, it always the same, six hours of class everyday, and one hour of exercise everyday. I go to the Temple every Saturday with my zone, then on Sunday we do a temple walk. I love going to the temple it is so spiritual there, I feel that I leave the world and enter God's home. It's such a good and masaya Maramdaman (happy Feeling) to go to the Temple. I play basketball, and Volleyball, Volleyball is so much fun. We get our zone to play and we have a blast. My nose is doing a lot better, it has not been bleeding for a while. 

Yes, i got both packages from you Salamat. Grandma sent me some food and candy. Yea you need to send me the shorts, body spray and Me and my Kasama (Companion) want some pink ties if you could buy some and send them too.

The group is doing great, we are getting along better, we are getting to know each other more everyday. The language is coming, I feel like I forget more English than Tagalog. Every time me and my kasama teach we speak all Tagalog. I love it.  I pray (Magdarasal) every day in Tagalog, bear my Testimony (Patotoo) in Tagalog, I love it. We have so much fun saying the language, it's still hard, but we have fun saying it. 

It's good that you are cleaning the house, I would love pictures how the house looks, That's cool that your class is starting up soon. How is Emily doing, how is school and her soccer team doing. How is dad doing, how are the Aggies doing, I heard the BYU football game the other day it was loud. 

It's crazy how long I have been in the MTC it goes by so fast.  I have 19 days till I leave.  I leave on Emily's Birthday.  I will be sending her something when it gets closer to her birthday. I have to spend five days in the Manila MTC, I get to go to the Manila Temple once. I am so excited. We talk about the Philippines everyday it makes me want to leave even faster, and I am so happy to bring light and the gospel to the Laoag Philippines mga tao (the people). The culture is going to be great, it's such a good experience. My teacher Brother Cohen says he loved the Philippines. 

That's scary that there is a typhoon, I will follow the rules. What part is the typhoon in? That's sad to here about the sister dying, my prayers go out to the family. 

Mahal kita (i love you)
Masigla Elder Francis 
Make sure to send letters and more boxes, with the stuff I said I wanted, Thank you.  Love and miss you guys. 

MTC Week 3

Magandang Umaga, Francis Family!

My week was crazy this week I was sick for a whole week and I felt like crap coughing,sneezing,lost my voice. Then I was ok for a day then that Saturday of last week I got hit in the nose playing basketball and I got a bloody nose. The bloody nose went on for three days just off and on, I was really scared for how much blood I lost. I got to go to the hospital for three hours with my kasama (companion). The doctors told me just to be careful, then the next day I went to the health clinic, and that doctor helped me out, and told me what to do. Now I'm doing great my nose has not bled for three days. I still have a cough but I feel great now.

So what are you guys painting and what floors are you changing up?  You need to clean up the house today and tomorrow take a day off and go to Sonic and get you a drink and some food then get to work on cleaning.

That's great that Sky View won, who did they play?  I will get my flu shots sometime this next week. Tell Dad good job on passing the BIG test, and tell him to be safe traveling to Washington D.C.. I haven't got your guys or grandmas packages yet, are they still coming?  Elder Hoopes is doing better, he has pink eye, and his nose is bleeding too, and he is sick. A lot of the Elders in our district are sick. Elder Lee is from Toronto Canada.

Tell Emily I say hi, and that's good that school is going good for her, how is she liking her teachers? How are the new friends she is hanging out with?  How is the school food? how is the bus ride?
That's great that her soccer team is doing great, tell her I'm happy that she scored a goal, it sounds like they are doing a lot better working as a team.

I am working hard, even though it been a tough week, i think about the family. How much i love you guys. Tell Everybody i am doing great the MTC is awesome. I love it here, the language is hard but i am getting it better now. We watched a movie about the Atonement and Missionary work on youtube, you guys should watch it. It talks about Christ and how hard his life was, i feel like when ever i think the language is hard, god suffered more and it was harder for him.

Thank you for everything. I love hearing from you guys. Tell me how the family is doing. I miss you guys a ton.
You have to bear your testimony tomorrow in Tagalog.
Alam ko po na (I know that)
Naniniwala po ako (I believe that)

Alam ko po na ang Totoo simbahan.
Alam ko po na ang Totoo Akalt Ni Mormon.
Alam ko po na Diyos mapagmahal po tayo.
Alam ko po na Espiritu Santo magturo po ako ebanghelyo.

Naniniwala po ako mapagmahal po ang tagapaglitas.
Naniniwala po ako Ama sa Langit at Diyos mapagmahal.

Mahal kita. (I love you)

MTC Week 2

Hey it's good to hear from you guys, I miss you guys so much. The MTC is so much fun, I love everybody in my District and Zone. Last night we had a rap battle it was so funny to watch. The language is still hard but I have learned so much. The food is great here my favorite is rice with chicken on top. On Sundays we have a normal sacrament meeting - most of it is in Tagalog which is cool. We have Elders quorum which is so much fun. Elder Hoopes is the guy that we saw at I-HOP.  He is such a great guy, he is struggling a little bit, but I think we are all struggling with the language.  It's hard but fun to speak.

My P-day is on Saturday.  On my P-day I wash my clothes and write e-mails and play basketball, and we have class. All the Elders in my District are going to Laoag which is super cool. We have gotten to know each other so well we have become brothers.

How is Logan, how are you guys doing. How is Emily enjoying school, and soccer?  How is dad doing. How is the ward doing?  I want you to bear your testimony on Sunday and tell them that I am doing great and the MTC is awesome. I will write my Patotto (Testimony) in Tagalog and I want you to say it with Your Patotoo (Testimony). I miss you guys so much, and the ward. But the MTC is a great place and I love being here. I have felt the spirit so much.  We had to teach an investigator in Tagalog (me and Elder Roark-Perez) it was hard at first and we taught her five times. The last two times we taught we memorized what to say but we didn't follow what to say we went by the spirit, it was so cool teaching her I  teared up when bearing my Patotoo. I felt the spirit so much and I said a prayer in Tagalog which was so cool. The language is coming and I can feel that God is helping me.  When I looked at grandpa's picture I thought to myself that he is helping me.  I miss him so much but he is watching over me. Mahal po ako kayo (I love you).

Something that I would love you guys to send me is Guatana drink, Jarritos, my favorite candy and some body spray from American Eagle. How is the rest of the family doing like Grandpa and Grandma Francis and Grandma Christianson? I would love to hear from them. I miss you guys so much, I can't wait to get some letters from you guys and the ward, and boxes.  It makes me happy when I receive letters.

Naniniwala po ako mapagmahal po ako Tagapaglitas. Alam ko po na ang Tootoo Simbahan. Alam ko po na ang Tootoo Aklat ni mormon. I want you to say that when you bear your testimony on fast Sunday. I went to the Provo Temple it was Maganda (Beautiful), I loved going with our whole district. I can feel the Espiritu Santo there. Mahal po ako kayo. Can't wait to talk to you guys again next Saturday.

The big Tongan is Elder Mataele he is so friendly, he is like a teddy bear, he loves everybody and saying hi to everyone, he is going to be a great missionary.


MTC Week 1

Saturday, August 23, 2014 #1

Kumusta po kayo. To The Francis Family, These are some of my Kasama (companions), and some of the Elders in my district. We have such a fun time learning the language, we all laugh because its hard, but really fun to listen to people how they say it. My Elders in my room are so funny, and such good friends and brothers. Elder Roark- Perez is my Kasama he is such a good guy, he loves the mission and is very friendly. Elder Lee is from Toronto Canada he is one of the Elders in my room and Elder Hoopes is from Arizona. They are a great group of young men. We have such a good time together. Elder Macarilay, Elder Huber, Elder Hensley, Elder Miller, Elder Tanner, Elder Harmon are the Elders in my district. Brother Cohan is the Tagalog teacher, he is such a good guy, but he is so fast at speaking Tagalog. Tell Emily hi, and that i love her so much, tell her to have fun at North Cache. Tell her to have fun at soccer. I love you guys so much. I miss you guys a ton.

I would like some snacks in a box you could send to me and maybe some of my favorite drinks. Tell the Ward hi, and that I love them all, I miss them all and I pray for them all. Tell Skyler congrats on the mission call to Arkansas Little Rock, thats so cool. Tell him the MTC is such a fun time. You can feel the spirit a lot here.

Alam ko po ang Totoo sa simbahan. Alam ko po ang Totoo sa Aklat Ni Mormon. Patotoo ko nag papalakas. Naniniwala po ako si Jesucristo at Naniniwala po ako na Totoo ang aklat ni Mormon.

Saturday, August 23, 2014 #2

I'm having a good time in the MTC. My Elders in my room are awesome. Elder Roark Perez is my companion or (Kasama). Elder Lee and Elder Hoopes are in my room too. They are a great group of guys, I love them a lot, they're really funny. The language is hard to learn but it is fun to talk. We all try to speak it but its hard but funny to listen to people say the words. I hope you got my other email with my tagalog testimony. I have learned so much like Ako po si Elder Francis, Kumusta po kayo, mabuti po ako, aklat ni mormon, papalakas, all these funny words. I love you guys so much. I miss you a ton. Tell Emily I love her, and to have fun in school.