Friday, September 26, 2014

MTC Week 4

Here are some pictures, of some of the kids i graduated with, my teacher, some kids in my zone, the girls in my zone, there is one that is really cute, and friendly sister George. Sister Emery is going to to Utah State after her mission. But that's the pictures, i am doing great.

Magandang Umaga,
My week has been great this week, it always the same, six hours of class everyday, and one hour of exercise everyday. I go to the Temple every Saturday with my zone, then on Sunday we do a temple walk. I love going to the temple it is so spiritual there, I feel that I leave the world and enter God's home. It's such a good and masaya Maramdaman (happy Feeling) to go to the Temple. I play basketball, and Volleyball, Volleyball is so much fun. We get our zone to play and we have a blast. My nose is doing a lot better, it has not been bleeding for a while. 

Yes, i got both packages from you Salamat. Grandma sent me some food and candy. Yea you need to send me the shorts, body spray and Me and my Kasama (Companion) want some pink ties if you could buy some and send them too.

The group is doing great, we are getting along better, we are getting to know each other more everyday. The language is coming, I feel like I forget more English than Tagalog. Every time me and my kasama teach we speak all Tagalog. I love it.  I pray (Magdarasal) every day in Tagalog, bear my Testimony (Patotoo) in Tagalog, I love it. We have so much fun saying the language, it's still hard, but we have fun saying it. 

It's good that you are cleaning the house, I would love pictures how the house looks, That's cool that your class is starting up soon. How is Emily doing, how is school and her soccer team doing. How is dad doing, how are the Aggies doing, I heard the BYU football game the other day it was loud. 

It's crazy how long I have been in the MTC it goes by so fast.  I have 19 days till I leave.  I leave on Emily's Birthday.  I will be sending her something when it gets closer to her birthday. I have to spend five days in the Manila MTC, I get to go to the Manila Temple once. I am so excited. We talk about the Philippines everyday it makes me want to leave even faster, and I am so happy to bring light and the gospel to the Laoag Philippines mga tao (the people). The culture is going to be great, it's such a good experience. My teacher Brother Cohen says he loved the Philippines. 

That's scary that there is a typhoon, I will follow the rules. What part is the typhoon in? That's sad to here about the sister dying, my prayers go out to the family. 

Mahal kita (i love you)
Masigla Elder Francis 
Make sure to send letters and more boxes, with the stuff I said I wanted, Thank you.  Love and miss you guys. 

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