Monday, September 29, 2014

MTC Week 6

Here are some pictures of the Sisters in my Zone, they are all really beautiful, and very kind and funny.
I found Cole, he is leaving soon and is super excited.
And the last picture is some of the sisters and elders in my zone.  I love my zone so much. 

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Ryan Francis <ryan.francis@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hey Francis family, I am a little scared, but really excited.  I am scared about new culture, new food, new time zone, and people. But I am very excited to meet new people and try new foods, and get to know people and love them, and bring the light of the gospel to the Filipino people. We are all excited to go, and teach the gospel and try new things.

It sounds like Emily's team is doing great and that she is doing really good, she has to try out for the team next year. It's been raining here too, but it's ok I got to get used to the wet weather. Dad has been going everywhere, how is he doing and how is work going for him and you, and how is school going for Emily? Thank you for all the boxes, and yea put some money on my card.  I want a Philippines flag for Christmas, and maybe some new ties, pink or blue.

I am so exited to leave the MTC, but I will miss it a lot - the people I got to meet, the sisters and elders in my zone. Yea I am the flight travel group leader.  I have flown more than everybody in my zone. I will watch all my stuff very carefully and I will keep track of everything, and I will have a lot of fun on the planes getting to know people and teaching people the gospel if they want to hear it. I have no questions about flying because I have done it so much, and I know a lot about airports. I cant wait to tell you about my week and send you pictures of the Manila Temple and the Philippines.

It will be hard at first but I am super excited to go and meet new people and try new things, and bear my testimony about Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon, and the restored gospel. I will be careful with the food and the water, I will listen to the rules. Thank you for the Phone and I will call you.  Let Emily stay home on her birthday so I can talk to her, and say I love her and goodbye. I am sending Emily a birthday card, then when I get to the Philippines I will find a little present for her. I can use the phone, thank you.  I cant wait to hear from you guys. Send pictures of you guys and the dogs, the house, how you guys are doing,  I love and miss you guys.

Thank you for everything.  I get to email on Wednesday before I leave so I can't wait to talk to you then. 
Mahal kita, Elder Francis

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