Friday, October 3, 2014

Manila Week 7

Magandang Umaga Sa Pamilya, Kumusta po kayo. I made it to Manila, It's
sobrang Maganda.  There a lot of trees and a lot of cars.  They have no
traffic laws, last night I thought we were going to run into cars, it
was so cool. Manila is super Maganda, the mga tao are sobrang masaya
and full of pag-asa (hope). It's so cool to see jeepeny's and tricycles
and so many Filipino mga tao (people). I am so masaya to be here, I
pagmamahal (love) the culture and the mga tao already.

The flight was very tiring, I got into Manila around 11:00. After we landed we had to
go through Philippines security and then we had to find the people
from the MTC to take us to the MTC on a bus, the ride was 45 minutes.  I
got to see so much of Manila. We went to bed around 2:00 and had to
wake up at 7:30.

Tell Emily she is getting so old and I hope she had a
good birthday.  What did she get?

I love being here in Manila, I am speaking so much tagalog. I get to go out and proselyete today, it's
going to be such a cool experience, to go with some missionaries to speak Tagalog and meet new people. Mahal kita, I miss you guys so much.

Mahal Elder Francis

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