Sunday, October 26, 2014

Santo Domingo Week 10

Kumusta, Francis Pamilya,

My week has been great, we have taught a lot of lessons, and found a lot of new people and we got to attend a funeral and go to the Ocean, it is so beautiful. We have been having so much fun here though, I have had a lot of good food, and I have met a lot of new people, and church is fun, it's all in Tagalog and I can only understand a little of what they say to me. But I loved this week.  We had the primary kids sing, and they also bore their testimony's about families, and Christ. I am getting used to the heat a little, but it is still hot and it will just get hotter, but that's ok. It's always hot when we work and I have to use a lot of sweat towels, but it's not too bad. We haven't had too much rain yet, only a couple of days like 3 but just a little rain. 

It sounds like fun at the house, you guys are having fun, just keep having fun.  I love seeing pictures and hearing how much fun you guys are having. How is school going for you, how is dad's work going?  How is Emily doing and how is school going for her? That sounds like fun that it is getting cold and that it's getting closer to snow, and Christmas. But from September to December here in the Philippines is Christmas so I hear a lot of Christmas music, and a lot of Christmas toys, and stuff being set up. I miss the cold, but I hate the snow, but I like it here a lot and I won't miss the snow only the cold. 

That's cool that you got pictures from my mission president and you get to see my companion, I love Pres. and Sis. Barrientos they are so funny, friendly and kind. I love our zone and district. Everybody is so kind, and happy. And exactly right I am ready to go to work hard, and I won't give up. That's good that the aggies are doing good, but that stinks that the QB's keep on getting hurt. 

That is really exciting for Skyler to leave soon, I can not wait for him to leave and hear about his stories. I hope he is having all of the fun he can have, and that he is ready to go and serve the Lord and the Arkansas people. Tell him good luck and to have fun, and that I love him and I tell him good luck. Work hard, and he can do hard things. I didn't see Ben at all on my plane, he must have been on another plane. But I saw him in the Provo MTC and he was excited to leave. No I can't remember Chinedu Ahanonu.

Tell grandma I say hi, and ask her about her trip, tell the family and ward I say HI, and I am Doing great and working hard, and I won't give up even when it is so hot. I am loving the Philippines though and I am doing great.  I miss you guys so much and Mahal Kita. 

Mahal kita, Elder Francis 

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