Sunday, October 26, 2014

Santo Domingo Week 9

Hello Francis Family,
I am having so much fun, l am learning so much, and I am very tired and exhausted, but I am working hard and giving all I have got. It's so hot here, and I miss the cold so much, but the people are so friendly and happy. They all wave and say hi to us and that makes me happy.  All the little kids run up to us and say "up here", which means high five, and they grab on to our hands, and they grab our hair on our arms, they make me laugh and smile. I love the people here, and the food.  I have had some weird food like pork face, and fried chicken blood, and a lot of rice. 

It sounds like Emily's team has been doing great they went undefeated.  It sounds like she is having a lot of fun. And the pictures of the house, that is so crazy how much you have changed it.  It looks so different.  It sounds like dad has been going on a lot of trips lately, how is he doing, how is work going for him. How is the family doing, how is the ward. 

Emily told me that Sister Lundberg came home from Russia, that is so cool. Emily said she loved her talk and what she said about "open your eyes", because I ride in tricycles, buses, and jeepny's all the time, so I should open my mouth and talk to everybody. That's so cool that she bore her testimony in Russian. 

It sounds like Emily has been having so much fun and is enjoying school, and having fun with her friends, tell Her To Stay Away From The Boys, jokelong she can have fun. That's cool that you got to go see Meet the Mormons. Was it a good movie, was it funny?

This week has been great, we have had a lot of new investigators and we have had a lot of lessons. I love being here and teaching the gospel even if I don't know most of the words they are saying. Everyday we proselyte and we are always hot and tired, but I love working and being obedient. On Sunday I had to bear my Testimony in Tagalog it was hard and scary but I did really good. All the lessons in church were in Tagalog but it was so cool to listen to them. I have taught a lot of people like The Tobia, Acosta family. I have taught a lot of less actives, and new investigators. Mak Mak, Maricel, chris, christain, joshua, john, pia, and a lot of other people. There are so many. 

We haven't had a lot of rain up here, only one day just a little bit, but it is really hot.  Everyday I use sweat towels. The language is still hard, but I have been practicing a lot, and memorizing, and he translates a lot for me which is good. I believe that the language will come and that the spirit will help me, and if I pray for help it will come. I have faith, I have been stressed lately with the language, but Kaya ko Yen ( I can do it). 

Thank you for being such great parents to me, I have a picture of our family in the white handbook I have, I look at it everyday and it makes me keep on working harder. I have given it all I have got "Give all you got until you have known you have given all you have."

I would like my favorite candy, and drinks, and cinnamon Almonds. 
Thank you I miss you guys so much, I love you all, take care. 
Love Elder Francis


October 22, 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Francis,

We are delighted with the arrival of Elder Francis. Thank you for sending us such a fine missionary son. He is an exemplary young man and we are proud and privileged to have him serve with us. He has arrived in good health with a wonderful spirit and desire to serve.

His first assignment is to labor in Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur with a wonderful trainer, Elder Williams. The enclosed map shows you geographically where he is serving. I know how important this first assignment is and I have prayed for inspiration in making it. Of all the roles in the mission-field I consider that of a trainer to be the most important. Enclosed, too, is a photograph taken with Sister Barrientos, his trainer and me at the Mission home.

Please remember to write every week. He will have an email account, so if this is available to you, I would suggest you email instead of writing. If not then please mail letters to the Mission Office address. Letters from home are so important for missionaries and can greatly influence their successful adjustment into missionary life. May I suggest you include positive and encouraging news and comments and omit information about family or other concerns as this only generates worry and anxiety.

Missionaries of course serve with an “eye single to the Glory of God.” Their entire focus, therefore, needs to be on their work and ministry. Help and encourage him to do this. Please do not mention how much time is remaining for him, or special events you may have planned for him on his return, as this will only act as a distraction to his service. With your encouragement he will mature and progress beyond your expectations.

Be comforted and know that Sister Barrientos and I will love him as our own and do all we can to help him develop and rise to his full potential. We also want his mission experience to be a wonderful experience for your entire family. We extend our love and best wishes to you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you or him.

Yours sincerely,

Julius Jonah F. Barrientos
Mission President

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