Sunday, October 26, 2014

Exchange between Ryan and Emily (too cute not to share!)

Hey Elder Francis!
It's been a fun week. My soccer team finished up and we went undefeated! It was really fun and a lot different than my last team.

Sister Lundberg is back from her mission (Russia) and gave a very good talk. She is so faithful and loved her mission SO much. She talked about her difficulties and she just stays strong and remembers who she is representing. She said "open your eyes, whether on the street or a bus, and find those who are waiting to be told they are loved. Tell them that someone loves them." I think that's important cause there are so many people who don't feel like they are loved or there is no one to go to. But there is.

I love this Halloween season! Me and my friends have been to a few haunted houses and watched scary movies! Me maya and tilley have decided to be mimes for Halloween! I think it will be cool.
I'm sad the football games are slowly ending. It's been so cold and I don't like it! The kids that are my age have their "little league football" thing and I guess there were like too many kids so they split them into 2 teams. They both made it really far and ended up playing each other on Saturday night for the semi-final game and we went to it. They called it the blue against gold and the blue team won.

How is the food? Do you like it or hate it? How is your companion? I love the pictures you have sent! Stay strong and remember we love you and miss you!


Hey Emily,
How are you doing, how is school going, how is the family, and the ward doing. How are your friends, how is soccer going. I love and miss you a ton. 

That's awesome that your team went undefeated, good job, how many assists did you have and goals did you make? That's good that you are having a lot of fun, keeping having fun and doing the right things, keep on being friendly, and a good friend to everyone, I love that about you, stay the way you are, keep working hard, and doing good in school. 

That's cool to hear that Sister Lundberg got back from Russia, and the stories she had, thank you for the advice "open your eyes", I love that.  I ride on so many buses and a lot of tricycles. I see a lot of people on the streets too. That is true that we are all god's children and he loves us all. I love teaching families and hearing about their life, it's sad to hear about some of them. I am teaching a family right now the T. family and the dad is always drunk, the mom is really sad, and it's difficult for her but she still loves him. Then another guy we are teaching Richie R. he had a smoking problem, not anymore but he just doesn't believe and have a lot of Faith. It's sad to see how is kids react to it. But we tell them that God loves, them and that he forgives us of our mistakes, and he loves us and he is always there with us in our hearts and the holy ghost is there to guide and us and comfort us through hard trials in our life. 

That's cool that you are having fun at Halloween, they don't have Halloween here, they have All saint's day and day of the Dead. That's cool that you and Maya and Tilley are back together having fun. I miss Halloween, but it's ok I am having fun here teaching the gospel and getting to know new people and their lives, and bringing them back unto Christ. Have fun having Halloween that sounds like fun that you guys are dressing up as mimes. 

That looks like a lot of fun, going to the little league football games, that sucks it's cold there, I miss the cold it is so hot here, I have so many sweat towels, I love the fans that blow cold air, but when I don't have them I am dying of heat. Keep having fun with your friends, and choosing the right, and keeping away from bad things, I see kids here that are around that age of 8 smoking cigarettes it's sad, because it's not against the law. 

The food is really good, I love the rice, and the spaghetti, and I have had pork face, and fried chicken blood, and rice, chicken, pork, and vegetables. But the the food is great. My companion is great he is hard working, loves to joke around with me, which makes me laugh, and I love the people here. 

I miss you so much and I love you. Take care, have fun. 
Love Elder Francis 

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