Friday, September 26, 2014

MTC Week 3

Magandang Umaga, Francis Family!

My week was crazy this week I was sick for a whole week and I felt like crap coughing,sneezing,lost my voice. Then I was ok for a day then that Saturday of last week I got hit in the nose playing basketball and I got a bloody nose. The bloody nose went on for three days just off and on, I was really scared for how much blood I lost. I got to go to the hospital for three hours with my kasama (companion). The doctors told me just to be careful, then the next day I went to the health clinic, and that doctor helped me out, and told me what to do. Now I'm doing great my nose has not bled for three days. I still have a cough but I feel great now.

So what are you guys painting and what floors are you changing up?  You need to clean up the house today and tomorrow take a day off and go to Sonic and get you a drink and some food then get to work on cleaning.

That's great that Sky View won, who did they play?  I will get my flu shots sometime this next week. Tell Dad good job on passing the BIG test, and tell him to be safe traveling to Washington D.C.. I haven't got your guys or grandmas packages yet, are they still coming?  Elder Hoopes is doing better, he has pink eye, and his nose is bleeding too, and he is sick. A lot of the Elders in our district are sick. Elder Lee is from Toronto Canada.

Tell Emily I say hi, and that's good that school is going good for her, how is she liking her teachers? How are the new friends she is hanging out with?  How is the school food? how is the bus ride?
That's great that her soccer team is doing great, tell her I'm happy that she scored a goal, it sounds like they are doing a lot better working as a team.

I am working hard, even though it been a tough week, i think about the family. How much i love you guys. Tell Everybody i am doing great the MTC is awesome. I love it here, the language is hard but i am getting it better now. We watched a movie about the Atonement and Missionary work on youtube, you guys should watch it. It talks about Christ and how hard his life was, i feel like when ever i think the language is hard, god suffered more and it was harder for him.

Thank you for everything. I love hearing from you guys. Tell me how the family is doing. I miss you guys a ton.
You have to bear your testimony tomorrow in Tagalog.
Alam ko po na (I know that)
Naniniwala po ako (I believe that)

Alam ko po na ang Totoo simbahan.
Alam ko po na ang Totoo Akalt Ni Mormon.
Alam ko po na Diyos mapagmahal po tayo.
Alam ko po na Espiritu Santo magturo po ako ebanghelyo.

Naniniwala po ako mapagmahal po ang tagapaglitas.
Naniniwala po ako Ama sa Langit at Diyos mapagmahal.

Mahal kita. (I love you)

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