Friday, September 26, 2014

MTC Week 2

Hey it's good to hear from you guys, I miss you guys so much. The MTC is so much fun, I love everybody in my District and Zone. Last night we had a rap battle it was so funny to watch. The language is still hard but I have learned so much. The food is great here my favorite is rice with chicken on top. On Sundays we have a normal sacrament meeting - most of it is in Tagalog which is cool. We have Elders quorum which is so much fun. Elder Hoopes is the guy that we saw at I-HOP.  He is such a great guy, he is struggling a little bit, but I think we are all struggling with the language.  It's hard but fun to speak.

My P-day is on Saturday.  On my P-day I wash my clothes and write e-mails and play basketball, and we have class. All the Elders in my District are going to Laoag which is super cool. We have gotten to know each other so well we have become brothers.

How is Logan, how are you guys doing. How is Emily enjoying school, and soccer?  How is dad doing. How is the ward doing?  I want you to bear your testimony on Sunday and tell them that I am doing great and the MTC is awesome. I will write my Patotto (Testimony) in Tagalog and I want you to say it with Your Patotoo (Testimony). I miss you guys so much, and the ward. But the MTC is a great place and I love being here. I have felt the spirit so much.  We had to teach an investigator in Tagalog (me and Elder Roark-Perez) it was hard at first and we taught her five times. The last two times we taught we memorized what to say but we didn't follow what to say we went by the spirit, it was so cool teaching her I  teared up when bearing my Patotoo. I felt the spirit so much and I said a prayer in Tagalog which was so cool. The language is coming and I can feel that God is helping me.  When I looked at grandpa's picture I thought to myself that he is helping me.  I miss him so much but he is watching over me. Mahal po ako kayo (I love you).

Something that I would love you guys to send me is Guatana drink, Jarritos, my favorite candy and some body spray from American Eagle. How is the rest of the family doing like Grandpa and Grandma Francis and Grandma Christianson? I would love to hear from them. I miss you guys so much, I can't wait to get some letters from you guys and the ward, and boxes.  It makes me happy when I receive letters.

Naniniwala po ako mapagmahal po ako Tagapaglitas. Alam ko po na ang Tootoo Simbahan. Alam ko po na ang Tootoo Aklat ni mormon. I want you to say that when you bear your testimony on fast Sunday. I went to the Provo Temple it was Maganda (Beautiful), I loved going with our whole district. I can feel the Espiritu Santo there. Mahal po ako kayo. Can't wait to talk to you guys again next Saturday.

The big Tongan is Elder Mataele he is so friendly, he is like a teddy bear, he loves everybody and saying hi to everyone, he is going to be a great missionary.


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