Friday, September 26, 2014

MTC Week 5

Tell Emily great job on scoring a goal that is astig (awesome), it sounds like her team is doing great. It's crazy how fast the MTC is going I leave in 12 days.  I got my flight plans and I am going with my whole district and I am the flight leader for us. We go to Oregon and then stay in that airport for 5 hours, then we head to Tokyo Japan, and stay there for a 2 hour lay over, then we head to Manila, and I stay in that MTC for five days. I am so excited.  I have 30 days out in the field and then I get to go to Hong Kong and get another visa, so I get to see China too. This week was so awesome.  On Monday I got to Host Senior Missionaries, and then Tuesday your are not going to believe who came and gave a devotional.   Elder Richard G.Scott.  It was so cool.  I sang in the choir, and his talk was so cool I learned so much from it. Without Faith you can do nothing. On earth we can feel to grow, to develop, the truth we receive on earth. The lord wants you to succeed not fail, God will not abandon you, God knows your potential to become a great missionary, serve the Lord and love the people.

On Thursday I got to skype somebody from the Philippines with my companion and we got to teach her a lesson, it was scary at first but then we felt the spirit and the lesson went really well, I loved teaching her it was such a cool experience. I am so excited to leave to the Philippines and serve and bring the light and the gospel to the people of the Philippines. The language is coming, it's still hard but it will come in the field.  I can bear my testimony though, and pray in Tagalog, the best thing you can do is bear your testimony. 
That's cool that Emily is liking soccer, and her team is doing great, and that's cool that she got to see her friend Rachel. 
I will send you the flight plans next week in a letter ok,  I love you guys so much, and miss you guys. 

Thank you very much for the package.  I loved the pink ties and so does my Kasama, he says thank you, thank you for all the letters, and boxes. Will you make sure I have some money on my debit card for check-in?
That is a scary picture of that spider, and I love to see your class, that's so cool to see different cultures and I love to see Emily's first day of school picture. 

Mahal kita (I love You)
I will talk to you guys this week sometime.   love you and miss you.
Masigla Elder Francis

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