Sunday, November 16, 2014

Santo Domingo Week 14

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Magandang Umaga Francis Pamilya,

This week has been very good.  I have been struggling with the language but it will come little by little.  I can do it. The language is really hard but I am progressing little by little everyday. I am doing great, this week has been a lot of fun,  We spent a lot of  the week in Vigan City, because of ZTM and interviews with the President and P-day. Vigan is such a nice town, I bought a lot of souvenirs for you guys and it's really cheap. Vigan is where we come for our P-day and to e-mail and buy food but everything here is really nice.  We have spent the last four days here in Vigan. 

Wow that's crazy that an earthquake it Indonesia but nope the Philippines is safe.  We haven't had that much rain hit here, it's been hot and sunny. But everything is going good here in the Philippines Buhay pa, and it's still really hot, but it's Christmas here in the Philippines.  I hear Christmas music every day and there are decorations up already.  They have Christmas from September to December here. 

There is a member Sis. Karmi that washes my clothes, but I have to do my garments by hand, it was hard at first but I am learning pretty quickly. 
I am staying here in Santo Domingo, Elder Williams is going to Manila next week, so I might get to have my P-day in Laoag, which is very exciting. 

Our investigators are doing pretty good.  I hope next month we will have three baptisms and a wedding. Bro Rosales is one of them.  His baptismal date is set for December 27th but he has a word of wisdom problem but we believe he will be ready by the 27th. Then we have a couple Bro. Emerson and Sis. Charmaine they are not married but they want to be and they said they will be baptized, so we are hopefully going to have a wedding and a baptism for them on December 20th. 

I am sorry that your week is boring, But it sounds like that the Aggies are doing great, and they will have a good year. 
How are you guys doing, how is the family, how is the weather, and how are the dogs, how is it there in Logan? What fun things have you guys been up to?   What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year?   How is school going for Emily?  How is the ward doing?
Thank you for the boxes of food and pictures, and the Christmas tree. But the funny thing is that we can buy toilet paper here and Gatorade, but thank you. Thanks for the pictures and candy. 

Something that I would like is chocolate, my favorite drinks, and more roasted almonds, and gummy bears, and peach-o's and other things that are my favorites.
The picture I sent to you at the beach is of our zone, and we got to go to the beach which was really fun.  We played some games, had a water slide, and we had a boodle fight which is where we just get a lot of food and put it on a banana leaf and then we dig in with our hands and just eat. 

Everything is going great here, I am loving it.  The language is really hard, but it will come. The food is great and the members are all very friendly. We have family home evenings here which is so different.  We get a lot of people to come to it because here in the Philippines they love family and everyone is family here. We are probably going to go to the zoo in Vigan in two weeks, which will be fun.  I will send pictures.
It looks like everything is going well in Logan, and it's getting colder and colder there.  

Mahal kita, I miss you guys a ton. 
Elder Francis

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