Sunday, January 11, 2015

Santo Domingo Week 21

Happy New Year Francis Family,
I was very safe in my house, we heard fireworks from 9:00 to 1:00 it was loud and crazy and hard to sleep, but I was excited for the new year to come around and to set new goals for this week. How was your guys New Year party? what did you do? Send some Pictures of the T-shirts I sent you and the other stuff, Walang Anuman (you're welcome), for the gifts, and late Merry Christmas present. 

My Companion is great  - I love Elder Aagard.  He is masipag, makulit, and loves to help others. He is such a good guy, he is the one with red hair in the pictures. It was cool to see that you got some pictures of me and the branch I am serving in.  I love the Santo Domingo branch. Everyone is super friendly and they love to laugh and to take lots of pictures as you can tell. I do know Joy and Chris they are both in my branch, they are very mabait (kind/nice) people and they love to take pictures of me. This week I have to give my talk in Church I am a little nervous but also excited, because I hope they can understand my Tagalog and won't laugh at me.  I will try my best and I will have fun.  I know God and the holy ghost will help me with the language. 

This week was great - we had 34 lessons, and really worked hard.  We found a lot of new people to teach.  We had a meeting yesterday with the branch president because now there are only 4 missionaries in Santo Domingo.  So me and Elder Aagard have 18 brngys to teach in now. So more finding and more lessons for us YYYYYEEEEEAAAA!!! Emerson did not come to church, none of our investigators did it was sad, and disappointing but we will not give up on them.  We will keep pushing and the Lord and the spirit will do the work and everything will work out fine. All we need to do is just Smile, say Hi and just be masaya (happy) and people will want to hear our message.  Like yesterday we taught one lesson but it was such a powerful and amazing lesson because the spirit was touching the hearts, we taught the Gallardo family there is a kid named Joshua and Christian and Angela, they are investigators and makulit and hard to teach being teenagers. But something about yesterdays lesson, something touched them and got them thinking. The spirit was there and witnessing to them that what we were teaching was true. They were very happy after the lesson, it's cool to see that Miracles are all around us, and things the Lord does to help others. 

That's great to hear you guys had a good week, and a fun New Years Eve, and Christmas.  I hope everything is going well for you, all the new stuff that you guys got for Christmas and that the dogs will treat you well, because here in the Philippines dogs are mean  and I kick them in the head when they chase us.  I Stand my Ground against them, and they are scared.  But take care of the dogs, and I hope Emily has a fun time going back to school, it will go by really fast, and soon she will be heading off to High School.  I hope everything goes well for you in School mom, and dad's work everything will go well for you too. 

I love it here in Santo Domingo, I love my Branch, and all the people how they are so mabait, full of pag-asa and they are always smiling and happy and the food is masarap, and I am getting used to the weather and the culture. The language is still really hard and I feel like I'm struggling a lot but I will keep trying my best and it will come some day, all that matters is that I can bear my testimony that what we teach is true. 

Thank you guys for all the prayers, and boxes, mail, everything (lahat), Mahal Kita. Thank the ward for everything and the Family for everything. Tell everybody salamat and I miss them, but I am Buhay Pa, and "It's more fun the in the Philippines". 

I hope to talk to you guys next week and to see pictures from you guys and how you guys are doing. 

Mahal kita Elder FRANCIS

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