Monday, January 19, 2015

Santo Domingo Week 23


Buhay pa Elder Francis,
Kumusta na po kayo Francis Family, I am doing great and everything is going really well.  We had a hard week of working, spreading the light of the world to the people here in the Philippines. I love serving here in the Philippines it really is the right place for me.  I love the people and how kind and loving they are. The Philippines is really the best mission to serve in and I am loving it and "It's More Fun In The Philippines". 
This week we didn't have any of our investigators come to church :(, perro (but), we will not Give Up, we will keep loving and showing our love and care and keep trying and being happy. Emerson and Jeraldine are doing great, they both came to church once when I gave my talk, but we will keep pushing them and helping them lumapit kay jesucristo (come unto christ). We have this other sister we teach Myla Cruz, she is so magaling (talented, great), she is very matalino (intelligent), we gave her a baptismal date, she just doesn't know what to do, she said she will pray really hard to know if it is true. We are bearing our testimonies to her to help her feel the spirit and every lesson we have taught this week has been really powerful and strong. 
This week Pope Francis came to the Philippines so it was all over the news and t.v.  People would ask me "is that your grandpa (Lolo),"? and I told them NO.  But it was really funny to see him and have everyone say "your Lolo is on t.v."   There was also a typhoon that hit centro Manila, but we only had a little wind and little rain here in Laoag.  We are safe and Buhay Pa.
That's great to hear that you guys had a good week, and that the Aggies are doing pretty good, and the weather is good for you there in Logan. I like hearing from you guys about school, work, how the family is doing and life. It sounds like Emily had fun at the Jazz game with Tilley, and she is doing great in school.  Tell her that I say she is a great soccer player and that she is the cutest one out on the field. Tell Dad late Happy Birthday and that he is ANG IYONG LUMANG (you're old), hahaha jokelang but tell him happy birthday and I hope he had a great birthday and it was fun. Tell dad to travel safe to Georgia and Washington D.C. and to have fun and to work hard (masipag). I hope everything is going well for you at home and Stay smiling and happy.

I really miss you guys so much and mahal kita.  I love hearing from you and how much fun you are having.
Mahal Kita Elder Francis
P.S. I would like some of my favorite candy like peach rings, almond peanuts, chocolate, gummy bears, and jarritos, and garments (neon).

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