Sunday, February 8, 2015

Santo Domingo Week 24

Hello po Francis Family, Kumusta na po kayo,
It's the start of a new week.  For p-day today me and Elder Aagard were really bored because we had a lot of time to do things, so we went down heritage in Vigan and sat on a bench.  All these people passed by and asked if they could take pictures with us, and we said sure.  It was really funny because there were 3 girls that wanted to take pictures with us, but they were scared and shy to ask because they thought we were cute and that we didn't speakTtagalog, but one of them came up and said can we take a picture with you and I said opo.  They said do you guys speak tagalog and we said yes. So we got some random group selfies with people in Vigan. We also went to McDonald's for lunch and got a lot of food.  I had a double cheeseburger with a green apple sprite float it was so good.  Then we bought some hamburgers to take home. But today for p-day has been really fun and a Selfie day. The Language is coming, I think I can speak the language pretty well.  The hardest thing is the accents and I am really struggling at that, but I am trying my best. 

Last week, was a really hard week, we didn't have a good week.  We had little lessons and we thought it was embarrassing.  But this week, we told ourselves from those mistakes and the trials and afflictions that we had last week, we are going to grow from those mistakes and work harder this week and we will do as the Lord asks of us, to invite others to come unto Christ, to talk to everyone we see on the roads and offer help and service, show love and care for those we teach and we will have a successful week. 
Tonight we have a little friend home evening because Marifel Peralta one of our fellowshippers is leaving this week, and we want to get her and a lot of our investigators to come to a party.  We are going to share a short spiritual message, then have food and games, and say our goodbyes with her. 
None of our investigators came to church again it is really sad, but we will not Give Up and we will keep trying but we have a lot with baptismal dates and we feel like next month or in March we will have a lot of baptisms, but I don't know if I will be here for that long. I might be getting transferred soon.   I don't know what will happen but I will find out in two weeks or less. 
The American guy is Henry Lamkin we told him we couldn't go out to him anymore because they removed two sisters from Santo Domingo and made the areas a lot bigger. So instead of 3 brngys we have 18 now. We are doing a lot more finding and a lot more places to go to, and we can come back and teach him again but we texted him and he was confused with what happened that we couldn't teach him but now we can, so he said not to come back and to not text him, but he said thank you and god bless you both, so it's sad but he has a Book of Mormon and I know he will read it again and will have a change of heart and will want to learn again from the missionaries. 
Emerson and Myla did not come to chruch, we haven't seen Emerson for a while like two weeks his job has been getting out a lot later than usually, and Myla is busy with her job but we are still teaching her and the lessons are really powerful and the spirit touches her heart, and I know that she will be baptized soon. 

It sounds like you guys are having a good week, and that dad had fun in Georgia and is now traveling to Washington D.C. Tell him to be safe and to work hard and have fun. It looks like Emily has been having a lot of fun too, she got to go skiing which is always fun.  I don't think we can ski hear in the Philippines but we can do tricee riding or roller coaster bus driving, the drivers here in the Philippines are crazy, I say if you can DRIVE HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, YOU CAN DRIVE ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD.  They are so crazy and there are no speed limits, but we are really careful and they are very careful too, but that's the culture and it's "More Fun In The Philippines." I love the people here and how humble and loving they are and how much they smile at everyone. I loved seeing Emily's drawing, like WOW!!!, she is an artist.  That's crazy how good she is, and that she can draw anything, man she is good at soccer and drawing. She is just Astig (Amazing/Awesome), tell her good job and good work and to tell Mrs. Allan I say hi and if she remembers me at all, or any of her other teachers remember me. 

I have been getting a lot tanner here, my arms and face are very tan and I forget to put on sun screen but I will make sure to now. Me and Elder Aagard are doing great, we are having a lot of fun and always laughing and having a good time, we are a really good companionship.   Elder Williams is doing great, he is hating College and finding a job and the girls hahaha, but he is doing great. It was sad to hear that Grandpa's Sisters husband died, my prayers will be out to him and his family and I hope everything is going well with grandpa and grandma. 

How is the family all doing? How arae the dogs doing and how is the ward? You guys should take a picture of the Beehives and mutual night.  I love seeing pictures and how much fun you guys are having, and I will send a lot of pictures back too. Salamat po for all of the inspiration and prayers for me, I am doing great and loving the Philippines. 

Mahal Kita or Ay-Ayaten ka 
Elder Francis 

P.S. I am traveling to Laoag next week, for P-day because we have a meeting up there with some of the seventy and all of the missionaries.  It's for who ever wants to go to it, so I will be e-mailing next Wednesday instead of Monday, but it will be a lot of fun and I am really excited to go, and I am sending a letter home to you guys so hopefully you guys will be getting that soon in the mail.

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