Monday, February 9, 2015

Santo Domingo Week 26

Well it's finally here, I am getting transferred and I am a little excited but really sad.  I am leaving people I love and got to become good friends with. I am transferring to  Piddig.   I don't know where that is and I have Elder Aribbay as my new companion, so I am really excited for that. But I am going to miss Santo Domingo and all the memories I have, all of the friendships I've made, and My Awesome (Astig), companion Elder Aagard.  I really hate packing all my stuff back up into my suitcases. But I know the Lord put me in this new place because he needs me there, he has somebody prepared for me, and I am super excited.

Me and Elder Aagard did go to Laoag for a meeting which was super fun, we had pizza hut which was iba iba (different).  I haven't had pizza for a very long time, so it was weird but very masarap. Then we had our meeting or training with some of the missionaries and Elder Echo Hawks and Bro Durrant, was the other speaker, so Elder Ardern was not there but that's ok.   Bro. Durrant is very well known at BYU, he was one of the best basketball players and scorers there  Then went on to play NBA, for some other team, so it was cool to meet him. And the bandage on my arm was a boil which was gross, but everything looks really good now and it's taken care of now so thank goodness.

This last week, my last week in Santo Domingo has been a blast and full of memories and goodbyes. I have taken so many pictures and on Sunday we had a lot of pictures with me and the branch. We had four of our investigators come to church which was really exciting, there was Myla Cruz, Jeraldine Pula, Marcos Tano, and Juvy Tano, they are all really close to getting ready for baptism and I really hope they will.  I have planted a seed here in Santo Domingo and Elder Aagard will finish the work and will make it grow stronger and bigger everyday. I gave my testimony in church for the branch, almost started to cry, but nope I am a big boy jokelang hahaha.  But it was sad to see so many people I will never see again and I will really miss a lot. We also have a lot of progressing investigators that are soon ready to be baptized too, so this branch is growing with Faith and the spirit is working inside this branch and this work we do for the Lord is hastening.

It sounds like everything is going really well for you guys at home and you have been having a lot of fun. It sounds like the Aggies are doing pretty good in Basketball and the Family is doing really well too, and the branch. I love seeing all of the pictures and letters and e-mails from you guys.  It sounds like Emily is enjoying School and Soccer and she is kicking butt or (pwet), and she is that cute amazing, masipag soccer player, that I am glad to have her in my life. I hope you're enjoying all the stuff I sent home and thank you po sa lahat boxes po, and the mail, I really enjoy the boxes and candy and stuff inside.

I loved what Nate and Nathan said in their talks.  What Nate said about PRO or Pray, Read Obey, that's so true and Nathan about Faith is Obeying, I love that.  We need to be obedient to God's commandments that he's given us and we can be blessed and can have a peaceful and happy life.

I really love being here in Laoag Philippines it really is the perfect mission for me, I know God called me here for a reason and I think I know why, to bring the Light of the World and Joy and Happiness to the Filipino People that are so mabait, makulit, and full of happiness and hope. I loved serving here in Santo Domingo but my time is up and I am ready to move on.  I did my best and brought the gospel to the people in S.D. and I enjoyed the work, and will continue to.
I will be talking to you next Monday in a different place with a new companion. So I hope to hear from you soon and love you guys and miss you a ton too.

Ingat po Palagi
Ay-Ayaten ka or Mahal Kita Elder Francis

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