Thursday, August 20, 2015

Batac Week 51

Naimbag nga Malem Francis Family,

Francis Family,
I am doing great and this week has been great and kinda stressful too.  I gave my first training to my zone and I went over time like 45 minutes and President Andrada was there and he fell asleep in my training.  But they all said they learned something from me.  I talked about leadership and missionary work, and I gave Elder Tago like 15 minutes to talk so I felt bad. Then we had some partying to do because my birthday was on Monday and his was on Friday. Then Sunday August 9th means 365 days until I'm home like wow, how fast the mission goes by. 
Also this week we had 32 lessons but we are working hard, because what we are doing is just finding new investigators right now, we hopefully will have two baptisms next month in September. Me and Elder Tago are great.  We like to have fun and party hard hahaha.  We are doing great, and also we have a little girl ghost in our house named lucy but she lets us sleep at night.  We can't go into her room because she gets mad at us, but she is kind... sometimes. 
Today we had a combined zone activity at Fort Ilocandia which is near the ocean so that was fun and we played some fun games. Also this week the AP worked with us and Elder Valdez to help us with our area and that was fun. We are here in Paoay with the biggest church ever, and and our apartment is pretty nice and really dirty with a ghost. We had some rain and it has also been really hot and I got sun burned really bad and I hurt. 
Thank you for the birthday money and when I withdraw money every time it takes 200 pesos out, so that's why it goes fast and as a zone leader we do a lot of traveling. But thank you for the money and I will try to be careful but just always remind me how much money I have on my card. 
Last of All CONGRATS EMILY FOR MAKING THE SV SOCCER TEAM!!!   I knew you would make it you are such a hard worker and when you are focused on something you never let down or give up, you put your heart and mind into it, that's why you made the team and I prayed for you like crazy too.  I love you all and miss you all a ton too. Stay safe and have a great rest of the week. 

Elder Francis

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