Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Magapit/Cagayan Week 77

Naimbag nga Malem Francis Family or Magandang Hapon Po Francis Family,

This week has been pretty good.  We are preparing a little girl for baptism this week.  Her name is Mary Jane A.  and she is an 8 year little girl and she lives with her grandma and grandpa and they are less active.  This Saturday we will be having a baptism, so I am excited for that to happen.  She is  super cute and friendly. So that's what we have been focusing on this last week - trying to build up her testimony and having her read the Book of Mormon.

This week not much really happened, but today we played basketball with the members here in Magapit and while we were playing I got elbowed in the face and I have a hurt jaw and .   I think I cracked a tooth or two  So today we are going to go to the hospital to see what's wrong with it and I might have to get x-rays.   So what another great day, have to go to the hospital again, but don't worry about me I am okay and I will carry on with the Lord's work and you know what I really enjoy the mission life and all the trials and challenges that happen every day. 

It really tests how strong my faith is.  I also read a talk this week that really caught my attention, "The joy of living a Christ- centered life."- It's by Elder Richard J. Maynes and he said to us that "our core, the center of our lives, must be Jesus Christ and his gospel. Living a Christ-centered life means we learn about Jesus Christ and his gospel then we follow his example and keep his commandments with exactness."  So I really took that into my work this week and how I can help others center their lives on Jesus Christ and his gospel, and especially for me too.  When I bear my testimony I should focus it on Jesus Christ and his gospel.  This is also something he said: "If our lives are centered in Jesus Christ, he can successfully mold us into who we need to be in order to return to his and Heavenly Father's presence in the Celestial Kingdom." So that's something I really want to focus on this week for my missionary work is really centering Christ and his gospel and Atonement  in my life and live by his teachings and "remember who I am and what I stand for."

As a missionary there are a lot of temptations out there in the world but when we take this quote I shared with you, when we remember who we are and what we stand for.  We just need to center our lives on Jesus Christ's gospel and live by his teachings and we will live a happy life and we will be closer to him. So that's what I i read this week and that's really what my week was about. Just excited for the baptism on Saturday and going to the hospital again. I miss you all so much and love you all so much too. 

Mahal ko kayo Francis Family
Elder Francis 

P.S. Can you put some money on my card - at least 50 to 75 for the hospital and x-rays too. Thank you mom and dad and Emily.

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