Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Magapit/Cagayan Week 85

Good Afternoon Francis family, 

This week as been full of challenges and trials.  My symptoms from dengue and the UTI keep coming back.  I have been getting really bad headaches and been getting really hot and my body hurts too. But I keep pushing through all these trials and I know God answers prayers because he loves me and I am his child. I always tell myself to never lose hope in myself and to always put my trust in Christ and I can see how miracles happen. 
I am still taking my medicine every day.  I have to take at least 5 different pills a day hahaha.  I talk with Sister Andrada every day about my health, she tells me how much she loves me and prays for me like the whole mission and every one back at home. So thank you all so much for all the prayers for me and thank you for all the love you give to me. 
This week I read a lot of scriptures that really helped me and strengthened me.  First I read in D&C 6:36-  "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."   So after I read this scripture I really turned my thoughts to the Lord and really felt Christ's atonement and how much he loves me, for giving his life for me, and he knows what I am going through right now. The second scripture that I read was in 3 Nephi 13:32- "For your Heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things." I would like to talk about how God knows each and every one of us because we are his children and he loves us all so much.  He also has a plan for us and that is to be happy in this life and to come back unto him. The last scripture that I read was D&C 58:16- "Behold his mission his given unto him, and shall not be given again."   I want to focus on this scripture because this is my favorite scripture since I have been on my mission.   I have been called to serve a full 24 month mission and I won't be able to live this again.  
Every day of my mission I need to live Christ's teachings and forget my self and go to work and do the will of the lord.  Even now with all the sicknesses I have it won't stop me from building God's kingdom.  I love being a missionary and seeing all the blessings I receive and how many trials and challenges there are but when we put our trust in Christ and have faith in him all our weaknesses will be made strong. 
So this week I was not able to work a lot but it gave me more time to rest and to read the scriptures and find things that can strengthen me and guide me every day.  I can't wait to listen to general conference this week and listen to what our Prophets, Apostles, Church leaders have to say to us. I love you all so much and I miss you too.  I will be talking with you in May and I will be coming home in less than five months.   WOW!!! 

Mahal ko kayo 
Elder Francis 

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