Monday, December 8, 2014

Santo Domingo Week 17

Hello Francis Family,
I am still buhay pa or (still living), I am doing great here in the Philippines.  Today me and Elder Williams went to the zoo with the sisters in our district. The zoo is really small but it is so much fun.  I saw tigers, deer, birds, dinosaurs and other stuff.  I bought a couple of souvenirs too. But today for P-day we went shopping down Heritage in Vigan for souvenirs before he goes home.  I am enjoying it here.  Today we went to McDonald's for lunch.  A couple of weeks ago me and Elder Williams ran into an American that lives by the ocean and we talked to him.  Well guess what? We saw him again today at McDonald's and he read the pamphlet we gave him.  He looked a lot of stuff up on the internet about our church and said he would like to learn about our church. So Elder Williams and are going to go teach him on Friday this week, it's super exciting. 

Yes, there was a big Typhoon or (bagio) named Ruby that hit the Philippines, but it has not hit us yet.  We have had wind but no rain. So we are blessed, to be safe. And our Christmas Conference got moved back a week later, but I am super excited to go to Laoag for two days.  Our zone is doing a skit, it's Mormons got Talent, and the Elders are doing the Haka. I am super excited, it's going to be so much fun. Elder 
Williams is getting really close to going home, he has like two weeks and a half left to three weeks left, so it's crazy.  I might be training next transfer or even become district leader, I don't know. But it's crazy how fast everything goes by.  We didn't have any of our investigators come to church this last week so nobody will be baptized this month.   Elder Williams was sad about Emerson and Charmaine, but next month they will hopefully be baptized and there are two others with Baptismal dates. Sis. Jeraldine  is very magaling (Talented) she reads all the pamphlets we give to her, and she is praying and reading every day.  Her baptismal date is for the 24th of January. Then Bro. R., he is not progressing.  He really has a lot of doubt.  He says he doesn't, but he still smokes a lot, and drinks and he is not keeping up on the commitments we give him. It's sad but there will be a day he will be baptized. I have Faith in these brothers and sisters, so hopefully next month I will get to baptize some people (YEEEAAAAHHHHHH)!!! 
We are still really working hard and doing our best.  We are doing the lord's work and working hard, nothing stops us from working hard, we go out and we give it our all.  
This week will be fun and the next couple of weeks.  It's getting closer to Christmas, but here in the Philippines it's Christmas from September to December, so Merry Christmas to you guys. But we will hopefully take a lot of pictures these next couple of weeks.  We have some lunch appointments with some of the members and we have a Christmas party with our branch on the 25th. So it's going to be a fun next couple of weeks. 

It sounds like you guys have had a fun week and that Temple Square was fun.  Was it really cold?  How were the Lights? How is everything going at home?  How is Emily liking North Cache?   How is dad doing at work? How is school going for you mom?  Send pictures of everything and information, and how is the ward doing?
 Hey one question -  have you had to talk about me in Church yet or will you have to soon? When you do just tell me and I will give you a lot of stuff to say about me. I love hearing from you guys and the family.  I really miss you guys so much, and Mahal kita Tagalog or in Ilokano Ay-ayaten ka they both mean I love you. I am really trying hard in the language it just takes time.   Elder Williams said ne of my strengths is that I am really patient, so I need to be patient with myself in learning the language it will come it just takes time. And I just need to smile (Ngiti) and be happy (masaya) every day and be obedient (pagsunod). But everything is going well, we are not affected by the typhoon, we are all still safe. I hope the rest of the Philippines is okay, keep me updated. But have fun at home and keep me updated on things and send pictures. 

I sure love you guys a ton, but I am Happy here and enjoying the work, and "IT'S MORE FUN HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES". 

Mahal Kita, or Ay-ayaten ka Francis family 

P.S. I was wondering if you guys could send me some ties like blue, red, pink ties, and send me some more garments.  I like the mesh ones better or the lighter color ones. And also send some of my favorite candy too.  And drinks also.  I love you guys. 

Elder Francis

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