Friday, April 10, 2015

Piddig Week 34

Naimbag Nga Malem o Magandang Hapon Francis Family,

This week has been great.  I had a lot of fun and a lot of hard working again.  We had 50 lessons this week, so we are really busy and keeping up the work of the Lord and building up God's kingdom. I am really enjoying the mission and being a representative of the Lord and sharing the gospel to others. Even though the language is still a struggle I really try my best, and I know the people know I'm trying my best and they can tell that I am doing my best. 
This week I got to participate in a blessing of this really old Tatay.  He is 92 years old, he has to lay in his bed for the rest of his life, he is blind, and he served in World War 2, and has been to Texas and saw the Temple there and thought it was so beautiful and wanted to go in but he couldn't.  We got to be a part of the blessing.  Our branch President gave the blessing and the spirit was so strong, then we shared a message about the Atonement and Family, and we sang hymns and prayed.  He said he could feel something touch his heart, and he loves the hymns we sing.  He used to go to church a long time ago. 
Then the other crazy thing this week is the storm that hit us.  In Piddig it rained like crazy.  I got so wet, and my shoes were filled with water.  We had to walk home from a pretty far area of ours, it was like a 20 minute walk home, so we got really wet, the streets were flooded, and we were just wet.  But I loved it because that is the Philippines and that is the Mission life, and it did not keep me from doing the Lord's work. 
But everything is going well here for me, the language will come.  Next transfer I might be training because we have 15 new elders coming in to the mission field. So we will see what will happen in the future. Good Friday is crazy, they have all of these weird things they believe in and they really worship Jesus Christ a lot, and it's an interesting week. But it's fun to see other religions and cultures. 

I do recieve the letters from Mary Ann and Jeff, I am really busy but I will try to send some letters home and maybe a box too soon.  I will try to do the best I can. Tell them thank you, it really makes me happy and makes me work harder, if there is anybody else in the family or the ward that wants to write me I will love it.
Elder Liska is great, and we get a long really well, we like to have fun and at the same time work hard. We will hopefully have some baptisms soon, we will keep working hard and helping others. 

That is great to hear about Misael and Thomas and Alex and Maycee, like that's what I thought would happen. I wish them good luck and hope everything will be good for them. But it sounds like everything is going great for you guys and you're keeping really busy and having fun. In the Philippines we watch general confrence a week later, because the broadcast has to be sent to the Philippines.  But I am super excited to hear from the Prophet, the Apostles and the Seventy and others. I will gain Knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and it will make me a better missionary. 

Keep me updated and more pictures too, and tell everybody I say Hi, and I miss them all, and love them all too. 

Mahal kita at Ay-Ayaten ka 
Elder Francis 

P.S. I will try to send some postcards home and letters, for everyone, I will send them all to you that you can give to the families. 

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