Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Piddig Week 36

Buhay Pa si Elder Francis at Mabuhay sa Philippines,

Naimbag Nga Malem (Good Afternoon) in Ilokano, Kumusta na kayo Francis Family.

I am doing great and loving every minute of my mission even when it's really hard and I want to give up and it's really hot and I'm tired. I keep pushing and pushing myself every day, and I Work Work Work, that's the way to success but we also need to have exact Obedience and Diligence too.

This week we did great, 51 lessons again and 26 new investigators because on Saturday we got a txt in the morning to find and hand out Book of Mormons so we did.  We gave out four Ang Aklat Ni Mormon to people and taught 5 lessons, one of the funny things, we were walking home and a Nanay or Sister was selling Halo-Halo and she wanted us to stop and buy one so we did.  We talked to her and then we paid her, then at the end gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it.  She said I will. So that was fun. 

This last week on Sunday I gave a talk about Missionary Work and The Atonement.  Elder Holland's talk keeps me working every day because Missionary work is not easy, but Salvation was not a cheap experience and missionary work will never be easy, it requires effort and work.  Yes it's hard but we need to think was it hard for Jesus Christ to be crucified for us?  He did it because he loves us all, so we have to do the same back and work work work, and Never Give Up, and love the people you teach.

Today for P-day we had our Zone Activity and went to the Ocean or Beach and played games and took a lot of pictures (but I lost my card reader, so I can't send pictures to you guys sorry, but can you guys send me one.) Yes this week was good but it is also really hard too.  It's hard for me to teach the doctrine because I can't think what to say in Tagalog or I don't know the doctrine that good.  But I  won't give up, and exactly what Pres. Thomas S. Monson said "Keep Trying", that's what I have to do even though I struggle a lot.  Elder Liska gets mad at me sometimes because the lesson was not good or I had a hard time, I just need to keep trying. I don't care what others think about me as long as I know I'm trying my best and God will be happy.

Also on Sunday Elder Liska and I traveled to Laoag for the day after church and we helped the Elders there.  I went on splits with a new missionary who has been here for a little bit, and speaks no English, but I tried my best to talk to him and we also a had a fellowshipper to help us too, but he is super Mabait and friendly.  His name is Elder Caducio he is a hard worker talaga and Masipag Siya. It was fun helping him and I felt like I was preparing for training.

This week has been super hot here I get out of the shower and I start to sweat again and I never stay dry, but that is the mission life.

Well it sounds like you guys have had a great, fun week like Tuesday Night Amazing Race, that was one of my favorite things to do.  It sounds like Emily is doing great and loving life, and soccer too.  tTll her to keep working hard and to never quit, always Push Push Push and "Kaya Mo Yan". And it sounds like dad is enjoying work and hasn't gone any trips for a while and mom is enjoying life too. I loved the picture of the new Lacrosse Field that is so sweet.  I am super excited to see how it looks when I get back home. Keep having fun and keep me updated on everything the family and the ward.  I will hopefully send a letter home soon to you guys full of postcards inside to give to all the family. And yes I  am pretty sure I will be skyping you in May.  Transfers are the first week of May, so me and my new companion will Skype home.

Ingat Po Palagi, Mahal Kita at Ay-Ayaten ka
Elder Francis or Elder Gwapo

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