Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Piddig Week 37

In the corn fields

Me at the mission home in Laoag

 Elder Liska and me with a a girl and her mom. The girl's name is Caralee and she is a recent convert and it was her birthday.

Elder Robles, me, and Elder Liska looking gwapo and having fun at the beach

Us at the beach, Me, Elder Liska, Elder Robles, and Sister Baguio that cutest girl in our zone.

Elder Liska and me at the Family home evening at Bro. Reyes home.
Naimbag Nga Malem or Magandang Hapon Po Francis Family,

Kumusta na po kayo, This week has been great and really busy.  We had 51 lessons this week and we have been working really hard and keeping up the work of the Lord, hastening his work and planting and helping the work grow.

This week we had good days and some interesting days. The weird things that happened this week was we taught two baklas (or gays), that was really interesting. Then we saw some teenage kids, boys and girls, bathing in a river which is weird but pretty funny too.

The good things this week: the spirit really guided us a lot to people that have been prepared by the Lord for us and want to hear our message.  The spirit really has been touching the hearts of those we teach every day. Hopefully next month or June we will have at least three or two baptisms. Which will be really exciting.  We attended  FHE  for  Bro. Reyes, it was his birthday, so we went to his house with a bunch of other people took pictures, had some food, games, and shared a little message with them.

Then one other problem our best fellowshiper Bro. --- has been having problems and we went to his house and he was drunk. We were sad so we went back Sunday with two of the brothers and taught him.  I asked him Kumusta ang araw ninyo, and he started to cry and felt really bad and said brothers and elders I am sorry. We said it's ok and I shared a scripture with him about hope in the Atonement and how through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we become clean and forgiven of our sins, never to lose hope or the light of Jesus Christ and we brought him back on track.  So Corbin's talk really is very powerful, the Atonement is one way we can become clean and return back unto him, it's our hope. So that was a really good thing that happened this week for us.

Piddig is pretty big we have a lot of Brngy's to teach in and are running and riding tricee's all over Piddig from place to place. But it's great and keeps us busy. Elder Liska goes home next week so I will be getting a new companion or training,  I don't know what will happen to me, but I am happy and a little nervous.  But what ever the Lord wants I will go and do. But I am doing great and seeing the  miracles and blessings coming and seeing peoples lives change through the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can change the lives of others. Missionary work is not easy, it will never be easy it requires effort and something from the depths of our soul and Salvation Was not a Cheap Experience. 

It sounds like you guys have been busy and really cold, that sucks because it's so Hot here and i am always sweating and dying of the heat. But Emily is enjoying Soccer and is kicking trash on the field and showing up them other girls and she is the Mas Maganda on the soccer field and she really is very Masipag and a hard worker, tell her to keep up the good work. That's great to hear about the Temple in Payson that's exciting.  Hopefully when I get back we can all go there and take pictures and it will be great.  And Dani, yeaaaa!!!, she choose the right school and made the right choice. Go Aggies!!! Salamat po sa lahat Talaga, I thank you guys for the inspiration and motivation, it keeps me working hard and trying the best I can. 

Ingat Po Palagi, 
Mahal Kita o Ay-Ayaten ka
Elder Francis 

P.S. I will be skypeing you soon hopefully next week, and how do I log on to it. And hopefully soon will be sending a letter home with postcards for all the families. 

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