Monday, May 11, 2015

Piddig Week 38

Naimbag mga malem o Magandang Hapon po Francis Family,

This week was the best week we have had in Piddig.  We had the most lessons and we had a lot of fun and worked really hard to the end. We had 52 lessons this week, which is super exciting and this week we also did some fun things, and took a lot of pictures with everybody.  I ate komodo dragon, that was really weird, but the most tastiest thing ever.  Then I ate bloody mary or (Duck something), I don't really know but it's alright when your hungry like me hahaha. 
We had a sister that ran away from her apartment on Thursday night so all of the Laoag missionaries didn't work on Friday and searched for her all day.  They couldn't find her, but then Saturday we got a text that said they found her at the airport wanting to go home. So that was a interesting thing that happened, but my testimony strengthened so much about prayer and fasting and how she was protected, and how God took care of her. 
But I see a lot of weird things like that here in the Philippines. But I have great news: I got a call from President yesterday and he said congrats Elder Francis you are Training a new Elder coming in. So I have a huge responsibility to help this elder adjust to the mission life. 
And yes your Tagalog is right, wow mom magaling kayo talaga. It's been really hot and  I am always sweating but staying mabango (good smelling) for the girls jokelang. Pero I shower twice everyday and wear deodorant everyday too. I showered today outside with a bucket, because there is no water inside the apartment in Laoag. So that was interesting, but the way of the Filipino life. 

That is great to here that you sold the car, so now we only have two cars, and Emily is doing great in soccer, and school. I love hearing from you guys and miss you ton and love you all. 

Ingat po kayo Palagi 
Ay-Ayaten ka o Mahal Kita 
Elder Francis

P.S. We will skype next Monday when I get my trainee, in the morning.

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