Monday, July 20, 2015

Piddig Week 46

This week was really great and really interesting too.  We had a typhoon that hit us really good and we got a lot of rain and the rivers and streets were flooded. Then, we also had a minie earthquake which was cool.  I was sitting on my bed getting ready for bed and my bed shook like crazy, me and Elder Farrales looked at each other and were like WOW!!! what was that. 
The people are still all so happy and perfectly fine with it and just grateful for the small things they have that God has given to them.  That is so true we need to be grateful for all the small things the Lord gives us and the blessings he gives to us every day: our family, our shelter, food, and everything. Things happen for a reason, because the Lord knows we can handle it.  Even though it was raining like crazy and the wind was crazy, that will not keep me from helping others coming unto Christ.  This week we had a cock-roach in our house, so I grabbed the broom and hit it as hard I could and then a lizard or butiki came down from the ceiling and I guess I killed it and cut it in half and I was laughing really hard.  
We also got bikes so that will be fun. Then hopefully next week we will be having a baptism on Saturday, so that will be really exciting. But nothing too much here has happened.  I might need some money on my card so I can buy a 72 hour kit for the typhoon.  For my birthday, just put money on my card and send me some ties and candy that I like. Just the ties from my room, grab all of them and send them to me.
Man you guys are so lucky, I have always wanted to go to those church history sites and I miss baseball games and everything.  It's crazy that I am almost to a year in my mission like WOW!!!, the time goes by so fast and I can't believe it. But it looks like you guys are having a blast and enjoying your vacation, that is great and I hope you all are safe and everybody is okay. 
I am doing great here and I probably will be getting transferred from here in Piddig.  I at least have 3 weeks left, which makes me sad.  I love this area and the people.  They are going to throw a surprise party for me and we are going to be having a lot of fun things happening these last 3 weeks. Ingat po kayo palagi at namimis po kayo talaga pero masaya na masaya dito sa Pilipinas. Mahal kita at ay-ayaten ka.
Elder Francis

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