Monday, July 20, 2015

Piddig Week 47

Naimbag Nga Malem or Magandang Hapon po Francis Family,

This week was great and the work of the Lord here in Piddig is just growing and harvesting.  I can see the Lord's gospel change the lives of others.  That is true what Tanner said about how our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. We share the restored gospel, something that is different from every other gospel.  We share the light of truth and the message that we share is such a life changing message and brings happiness to others.

The only reason I can say that is that when we teach and the investigators are crying or they are really focused on our lesson and the baptisms like YEAAAAHHH!!! We have had two baptisms here in Piddig:  Nanay Benito and her kid Jhun Jhun Benito.  I can see how the gospel has changed their lives and their testimony is so strong.  They cried after their baptism because they felt what they where doing was right, they felt clean from all their sins. Good news: we also will be having another baptism this Saturday.   Sister Monalisa Jose, she is 16 years old and she had her interview yesterday and she cried and she shared her testimony with me and I can see that the gospel has changed her and she wants to forget her old life and to start over clean and wants to be cleaned from all her sins.

The work here in Piddig is really changing and the work of the Lord is changing the hearts of others here and the work is going great.  I can see how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and even though missionary work is hard (Emily this is for you), I know that times are hard and you are discouraged and want to give up, just remember did Jesus Christ give up?  No, he was crucified for us and he knows us all by person and knows our challenges and trials, he loves all of us. Emily remember that God loves you and I do too. You are my little sister and that will never change.  Go out there and do your best and never let down. Go out there hard and give it your all, and the Lord will be there to help you always like me, I have had times when I want to give up and hate life and I want to go home, I just remember that it's not for me, it's for the Lord and just always smile and just stay happy.

I always pray for you all every day and remember when things are the hardest in life, when you are discouraged, God is with you always.

This week we have been having so much fun took a lot of fun pictures in the bukids and we went to the beach today for our zone activity.  I just enjoy the work, even when it's raining like crazy and the water is really deep and me and Elder Farrales are walking through the bukids and i lose my shoe and I fall over in the mud and poop and am just all gross and smelly and we get to our next lesson and they wonder if we just got beat up by someone or we just walked through the bukids. Also this week we were doing splits with some of the members and investigators of ours, and I was with two girls in a tricee and I was sitting there, we get to our lesson and I get stuck to the seat and the back of my pants rip a big whole and you can see my garments and they are laughing and they are super cute too, So it's embarrassing but  I never give up or let  down.  I just smile and laugh and just be happy. That's what the lord wants  - us to be happy always. (I ALSO MIGHT NEED A LOT MORE MONEY FOR A NEW PAIR OF PANTS AND MORE SHOES HAHAHA).

This last week here in Piddig we will be having one baptism and a lot of parties and Family home evenings.   I am super excited for it and I know that Elder Farrales can lead this area and the members will help him, I am just scared to find out on Sunday where I will be going or getting transferred to. 

It sounds like you guys are keeping busy and having a great summer and Emily didn't like soccer camp too much, that's ok she is the best player out there on the field, she is a team player, always looking to pass, get the assist. A team player is what they want at sky view and Emily you will do great, just remember I will be praying for you and I love you sis. Mom it sounds like school is going great and you're enjoying life.  Tell your students Kumusta ka na? Say Naimbag nga bigat or Magandang umaga po. They will be like wow what is she saying hahaha. Dad stay safe when you travel, and tell me how the Aggies football team will do this year and the raptors too. Keep me updated with what's going on and how the family is doing and the ward. Send pictures and I will try to send some postcards home for you all. I miss you all a ton and love you all to. But I know this is where the lord wants me to be and I know what I am doing is the right thing and I love missionary work and WOW!!! Almost a year to go when it hits August 20th, a year to go, like wow how fast it goes. 

Alam ko na mahal na mahal tayo ng diyos, lahat tayo mga anak ng diyos, inihanda po siya isang plano para sa atin na makabalik tayo sa kanya at alam ko na si jesucristo siya ang ating tagapagligtas po natin at namatay po siya para sa atin. Alam ko po na Nagbayad-sala ni jesucristo para sa mga kasalanan natin , lahat tayo maging malinis yung mga kasalanan natin at maging magligtas din. Alam ko na ang aklat ni mormon ay totoo po siya at mga salita ng diyos at alam ko na yung ebanghelyo ni jesucristo yung ilaw para sa atin yung tamang daan para sa atin na makabalik tayo sa diyos. 

Ingat po kayo palagi Dad, Mom, at Emily at mahal ko kayo. 
Elder Francis 

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