Monday, July 20, 2015

Piddig Week 45

Naimbag nga malem at Magandang Hapon po Francis Family, kumusta ka na, kumusta si Emily at yung buong Francis family kumusta po sila. Kumusta ka doon sa Logan utah, kumusta yung mga tao doon, yung ward namin kumusta po sila.
This week has been great even though it is super hot and I got really sun burned and I am really red in the face and arms. I am still living and loving the mission life, even though I'm tired a lot and always hot and want to give up, the Lord didn't give up.  He taught his gospel to the people even when they rejected him and crucified him.  He did it because he loves us all and his children and brothers and sisters.  Like me, I love the people here in the Philippines.  
I learn so much every day and I get to meet new people every day and share a message I know to be true that can change lives like the BAPTISM we had this week (YEAAAAAAA), I can see how much she has changed, how much this gospel can change the lives of others.  I see  how happy she is and how much she loves and knows herself that this church is true. Her testimony is so strong and she said when she was baptized she felt clean, like a new person and started a new life and gave up her old life. Her name is Bella pablo Benito and she is the most friendliest Nanay ever and she is such a happy person now. I love sharing the gospel with others and telling others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Our investigators are great and we hopefully should having two more baptisms in July on the 18th, we will try to do the best we can and the lord will do the rest for us, and the spirit will testify to them that what we share is true. The biggest thing that we can share is our testimony, that is something that know one can testify against, fight against, or argue with. Our testimony can touch the hearts of others and the spirit will testify to others of the truth and that what we share is true. I can see how much the Lord prepares us and he knows when they are ready and not. 
The mission life is not easy, it's a different life and even though some go home, they deserve the biggest respect, it's not easy, I have had times that I have said I hate this and I want to go home, it's not easy and it will never be easy but salvation was never a cheap experience.  The Lord died for us and we need to give ourselves to him. I don't like when people judge others about when missionaries come home they shouldn't do that.  I would like them to try this.  But the mission life is great and I love the work of the lord and changing lives of others and helping others come unto Christ. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is for everyone to become clean and become new.  We need his atonement everyday and we are not perfect and god knows that, that's why he gave his son to us to die for us, so we can come back to him. So we as members and missionaries need to give a little of our time to him and we need to be good examples to others and share the gospel with others, something we all know to be true and can change lives.

It sounds like you guys are having a great week, and you know how I feel now, really hot and always sweating and tired and hot with lots of mosquito bites.  You guys are getting ready for a really fun trip, that will be really exciting and fun to see some old history sites. I hope you are all safe and staying happy and having a fun summer.  I miss you all so much and am praying for you always. Ingat po kayo palagi at mabuhay sa pilipinas.
Alam ko po na mahal tayo ng diyos at lahat tayo ng mga anak nd diyos, at gusto ng diyos lahat yung anak niya makabalik tayo sa kanya. Alam ko na si jesucristo siya ang ating tagapagligtas natin at namatay po siya para sa atin, lahat tayo maging malinis yung mga kasalanan natin at maging magligtas tayo. Alam ko salita ng diyos ang aklat ni mormon at totoo po siya. Alam ko na nagbayad-sala ni jesucristo para sa mga kasalanan natin at tayo maging malinis. Alam ko na yung pamilya natin maging walang hanggan siya.
(A short testimony para sa inyo)

Mahal kita at Ay-ayaten ka
Elder Francis

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