Sunday, June 21, 2015

Piddig Week 44


This week has been great really, I got really sick because of how hot it is here and the rain. It's rained like crazy like down pour rain and floods but I love it because the mission life is full of challenges and trials that try to keep us from working and to get us from staying focused on the work. The mission life is so different and I love it.  I am living a consecrated life and giving myself to the Lord and the people here in the Philippines. The work of the lord is hastening and growing fast like this week on Saturday June 27th, we will be having a baptism si Nanay Bella Pablo Benito sa laoag stake center alas 8am magsisimula diyan, sobrang exctied po kami talaga. Elder Delara said that her interview was so great, she has a strong testimony and she started to cry and said this is the path that God wants for me to take and I am making the right decision to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.  I am super excited for Saturday and this week, we will be having a baptism and two family home evenings which is always so much fun and it brings others together.  
I am praying every day for all of my investigators and everyone. Hopefully next month we will have two baptisms before I get transferred from here in Piddig. I really am going to miss this place and I have loved the people and the branch so much and made such great friends here. Even though this week was crazy with rain like a typhoon but not and the heat and me being sick I loved this week and had a lot of fun. 

It sounds like you guys are keeping busy and having a lot of fun and getting ready for a family trip where are you guys going again?  That is great to hear about BJ getting his mission call to Australia.  He will have a blast there. Stay safe and keep me updated with everything and how everything is going.  I miss you a ton. Ingat po kayo palagi at ay-ayaten ka at mahal kita. 

Elder Francis 
P.S. Did you send those quads for me and about money on my card how is that right now did you put more money on please reply back to this message. Are you sending any more boxes to me or anything so I can be aware of it. Agyaman ti Adu. 

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