Sunday, June 21, 2015

Piddig Week 43

This week was great we had a lot of rain - like crazy like wow!  The rain came and came and flooded the roads and I was soaking wet, and the wind was blowing like crazy and I loved it, because that is missionary life with trials and challenges in our path to try to keep me from doing the Lord's work, But I will never let down, I will do the best I can and spread the gospel to the Filipino people.  Yes, it has been hot too because it's summer.   I am always sweating and I am tired always but the work of the Lord must press forward.  Everything is going great, but Elder Delara is getting transferred so me and Elder Farrales are the only ones in Piddig for 6 weeks.  That will be crazy and hard, but the members love us so much and they are really willing to help us.

Then this last Sunday we had a multi stake conference and 7 of our investigators came to church and that was really exciting for us and hopefully next week we shall have a baptism.  Nanay Benito will have her baptism next Saturday on the 27th if she will go to church this Sunday, but I have faith that she will go. I have a book of remembrance for people to sign that I bought so I can stay in touch with others.

For my birthday coming up I would like money and ties.   Then yes, send the quads for them, the two girls both sent out their mission papers and will be getting their calls soon.  So if you can send that I would love it, salamat po.

But one thing I got from the multi stake conference talks was from Pres. Brent Nielson.  He said "I will be the one", that really got my attention that I will be the one to share the gospel or help others and share the light of the gospel with them to change the lives of others.  Something else,  I love the people here.  One thing they say about me is my smile and my testimony about this gospel and how those two things are so strong.   I can see it touch the hearts of those I teach.  The spirit of the lord touches their hearts and the Book of Mormon and how that can change the lives of others too.

It was really fun seeing Bro. Williams and how much he has changed.  He told me grabi Elder Francis magaling ka na sa tagalog talaga. I felt so happy and the language is still hard but I try my best and the people I teach can see that I am trying my best in the language.  The spirit of the Lord is the one that touches their hearts even though my Tagalog isn't that good.

That's good to hear that you guys are doing great and got to have a enjoyable time at girls camp even though it rained.  Now you know how I feel hahaha. But it looks like Emily likes the hammock I sent her and you guys are doing great and getting ready for the party with the Christianson family. But stay safe and keep me updated on anything and I will too.  Please pray for my investigators that they will be baptized next week and one or two in July too. I miss you guys a ton and love you all.  Tell everybody I say hi. Ingat po kayo at ay-ayaten ka din. 

Elder pogi Francis 

P.S. Did you guys get my letter in the mail yet, and the quads - yes please send them and anything else too. Agyaman ti adu.

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