Sunday, June 7, 2015

Piddig Week 41

Naimbag nga Bigat or Magandang Umaga po Francis Family,

This week was the best week I have ever had in teaching.  Me and Elder Farrales tore it up this week, we had 56 lessons and 45 new investigators that we found so that's the most lessons I have gotten since my mission and new investigators.  This week we have just been keeping busy, doing the Lord's  work and spreading the gospel light to others and helping others in need. I love the mission life and can see the miracles that happen every day and see how people's lives change.  The mission life goes by so fast, and you really do change as a person, and see the lord's hands in your life. But everything is going great it's still really hot and it's been raining a little too. This week we took a lot of pictures with the members and those we teach, and our area. This week we didn't do too much and it's hard to remember what we do. But I will send pictures home if I can. 

It sounds like you guys are all doing great and loving summer break and everything is going great with the family, and people leaving on their missions. It's hard to think of things what to say when you have been on your mission so long, I think pictures are the best and tell you what's going on. 

I miss you all so much, pray for you daily and tell everyone I say hi and I'm doing great.
Ingat po palagi,
Ay-Ayaten ka at mahal kita
Elder Francis 

P.S. There are two sisters in Piddig that are about to leave on missions and I was wondering if you could send two quads in English from the distribution center, you know the bible and the BOM and D&C all combined, I don't know how expensive it will be but if it is too expensive, try something different that has to deal with missionary work, and buy some souvenirs from Utah too, so I can give them to the people I teach and I will miss. And Please put some money on my card and make sure to tell me what is happening with my money. 

Salamt po para sa lahat, Agyaman ti adu

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