Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Batac Week 60

Naimbag nga Malem Francis Family, 

Sobrang na inspire ako talaga sa mga mensahe ng ating mga propeta. Naramdaman ko talaga ang pagmamahal ng ating ama sa langit para sa ating lahat elder ganun din sa mga propeta natin ngayon..Alam ko talaga sa puso ko na lahat ng kanilang mensahe ay galing sa diyos at totoo talaga. 
I know that the work in which we are engaged right now in our lives is the greatest work we are and will ever do in our lives and in the lives of others. That is my testimony to you from listening to general conference.  I learned so much and loved listening to every single talk given. Here are some of the quotes I loved from General Conference:  1. "It will all work out"- Neil F. Marriot, 2. "Be better today than you were yesterday, be better tomorrow than you were today:"- Larry R. Lawrence, 3. "Focus not on what I can't do but on what i can do."- Gary E. Stevenson.  Those are the quotes that I loved that it will all work out at the end, never lose hope, and always stay faithful and the Lord will guide us and make us stronger when we have weaknesses.  We can overcome them through Christ's help and Atonement. 
This week was so much fun.  On Tuesday we had MLC so we got our trainings from President and Sister Andrada then the AP's too. Then after we had a party to go to.  Their son's birthday was this day so we got to celebrate his birthday at the mission home with all the Zone leaders and STL'S too.   We ate so much food on Tuesday and I am still full and getting fatter and fatter every day. 
Not too much happened this week, but I will tell you Sunday night we were walking back home and I stepped on something I thought to be a stick but it was a baby snake, or (Python) hahaha, like we were all so scared and jumped like little girls, but then we took pictures of it and then some guys came and smashed it with a rock and that was really it. This week we only had 21 lessons and we are really trying and pushing to do the best we can and I know the lord will help us while we do his work. 
That's it.  Nothing really happened this week, but all I can say is I am loving the work and enduring to the end and through trials and challenges just remember we are never alone in this work and we can always turn towards him. I like what Elder Durrant said to Ponderize the scriptures, choose a scripture read it and ponder it and memorize what it says. That is something I  am going to start to do, and reading the Book of Mormon from beginning to end and reading it again. I miss you all so much and love you all too, have fun in Disneyland and maybe see if you can find me a tie there and send it to me. 

Ay-Ayaten ka
Elder Francis 

P.S. Did you guys get my e-mail about what I want?  If not I would like Dr.Pepper and cream soda, candy, beef jerky, gummy bears and worms or frogs. Please put some money on my card too because my shoes are tearing apart again, and I need to buy a new pair of pants, and I would like to get a new tie or a white shirt. Thank you very much. 

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