Friday, October 30, 2015

Batac Week 61

Naimbag nga malem Francis Family (  Naimbag a paskuayo) Merry Christmas Francis Family, 

Buhay pa (still alive) from the typhoon, it really didn't do any damage to us here in Ilocos Norte, we just had strong wind and a little rain, but i don't know if we will be getting rain soon or what will happen. They will keep us updated on what is happening around our mission.  I  heard about some other parts of the Philippines where a lot of houses were destroyed, some people killed, and a lot of flooding. Like I saw it on t.v. or in the newspapers.  It's sad to see, but I am praying for the best. 
Well today was one of the best P-days I have had in my mission.  We went to the Sand dunes and Beach in Paoay and took some sweet pictures, did some rock climbing, and played some Frisbee, and the background was really beautiful. So that's what I did today and it was super fun and full of memories. 
Well guess what?  I am with Elder Tago for another transfer - really surprised and we were all too, we all thought he was going to get transferred but I guess not. So he will be my longest Companion in the mission and we are both excited to be companions again, but Paoay really is super hard to find people to teach because they don't want to listen to us at all.   Paoay is a huge Catholic community and they don't want anything to do with us, so we are both not too happy about that, but it's ok we just need to endure and love the things the Lord gives to us. 
I had to buy me a new pair of pants, shoes, and a white shirt, but thank you very much for the money and I am really excited for the boxes you will be sending. But that is it, I am still loving the mission life and striving to do the best I can and enjoying every moment of it. I love you all so much and I miss you all too.  Take care and I can't wait to e-mail you guys next week. Sorry for the short e-mail, I think pictures can tell more of what I did. 

Ay-Ayaten ka at Mahal Kita
Elder Francis 

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