Sunday, May 22, 2016

Laoag Week 91

Dear Francis family,
This week it was great to see you guys on skype.  You are all looking great and it sounds like life is going great for you all.    I was super excited just to talk to you guys. 
Well this week was pretty good.  It's usually the same  - we are trying to prepare for Richard and Precious baptism hopefully this week,  but the only problem is that we need to get the parents approval and their parents are Catholic.  They will let us share with them but I don't know if they will let us baptize them, so we will see what will happen with that. We are praying for them and will fast for them this week. But we are still focusing on teaching the less actives and trying to build up the ward here in Laoag 5.  We are trying to get more members to attend church. So that is really what has been happening around here this last week. 
Today for p-day me and Elder Andon went to a museum and it was so cool inside and super historical.  We took a lot of pictures and I bought some earrings for Emily and they look really cool. But being inside there I got to see the culture here in Ilocos Norte and what the culture is like and the historical life. So that was really fun to see and this week we will be having stake conference so I get to see all the members from Piddig again and maybe my recent converts.  I am super excited for Saturday and Sunday. But me and Elder Andon are doing great and are trying to get a baptism before transfer day in two weeks and we are finding new people to teach and building the ward here in Laoag 5. 
I also gave a talk last Sunday on prayer and it went really well. I talked about really what prayer is -  talking with our father in heaven -  because we are his children and he loves us and knows us and our needs.  He wants us to communicate with him through prayer. When we make this a habit, always praying to him, we will come to know him and draw ever nearer to him. We will be able to see blessings that he gives to us when we ask in faith. So that was the talk I gave on prayer and I think it went really well.  I think I helped the members understand the importance of prayer and when "A family prays together they stay together." So I helped the members understand the meaning and importance of prayer. So that was really what happened to me this last week and I am still surviving and enduring and enjoying the mission life.  I am excited to see how this week goes. I love you all so much and miss you all so much too.
Mahal ko kayo at ingat kayo palagi!!!
Elder Francis

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