Sunday, August 7, 2016

Laoag Week 102


Mabuhay po Francis Family, 

This week is going to be great because it is my 20th BIRTHDAY!!! Like I am so excited and I feel like I am getting too old too fast hahaha. But thank you so much for the birthday wishes. This last week has been really memorable and full of miracles and stories that are really spiritual. 
So I would like to share with you about two people that we found this week.  The first person that we found her name is KA Licuan and she is 18 years old. We started to talk with her and she started to really open up with us and said that when she was a little child both of her parents got killed and she doesn't know why God would take her parents from her.  Since that happened she never prayed to God and she never went to church but we taught her and told her that the gospel of Jesus Christ is centered on families.  We asked her if she would love to see her parents again and she started to cry and asked how, and we said through this message that we share with you, we believe that we can live together forever as a family and she started to really listen and pay attention to what we were sharing.  We told her God loved her so much because she is a daughter of God and He wants us to be happy and for all of his children to return unto him and she was smiling and really happy and she told us I feel like I  want this in my life.  So that was a really great experience for us. 
The second one that we had her name is Sister Lila she is 40 plus and she was really friendly and let us right into her house and we started to talk to her and she opened up to us also and said that she had an 8 year old boy that died because of heart problems.  She told us that she was mad with God and never wanted him to be a part of her life and she never prayed or attended church.  We shared about the Plan of Salvation and we told her that God loves each and every one of his children and he wants us to be happy in this life and he give us trials and afflictions to try our faith in him and also to help us grow.  Then we asked her "Sister Lila where do you think we go after this life?" and she said "Well I think heaven or hell and that is it" and we told her it is more than that and God has a plan for us and and plan for your child and that is to be with him forever.  She didn't believe in what we said and then we testified to her that families are meant to be together forever and told her that she could see her child again and she started to cry and we said to her "Sister Lila, this is the way through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be sealed together as a family" and we asked her to pray and she was so scared to pray because she felt like God was mad at her and she had not prayed for over 30 years.  We told her well now is the time to talk to your father in heaven and we tell you he is really happy to hear your voice and he truly loves you and she said okay I will give it a try and she started to pray from her heart and she started to cry during her prayer and then when she finished she said I felt like God was speaking to me and touching my heart and comforting me. So those are the two cool and spiritual stories that I had this week. 
 I testify that God loves us all and he has a plan for each of us and that is to return to his presence someday. Then hopefully on Saturday this week sister Carol should be getting baptized, so that will be really exciting for us and I am ready for this awesome week.  I love you all and miss you all so much too. 

Elder Francis 

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