Sunday, August 7, 2016

Laoag Week 101

Good Afternoon Francis Family,
This week was full of blessings and miracles for me and Elder Gabuyo.  So these last two weeks we have been finding like crazy. We have been trying to find the Amuleks in our area and trying to find investigators that are potential and we have been praying and fasting for our investigators.   We have seen something happen these last two weeks - we have been having 7 investigators attend church and we are having success in our area. So that is really exciting for us and we will be having baptisms coming in August on the first Saturday and second Saturday.    So I am really excited for that.   Sister Carol will be getting baptized next Saturday and after that on August 13th we should be having 6 or a couple so that is really a blessing for us. 
This week we had something interesting happen to us.  On Wednesday night when we were sleeping and woke up Thursday morning, I was praying Elder Gabuyo went downstairs and yelled "Elder Francis!" and I came running downstairs and I guess somebody broke our window and cut a whole through our screen and stole 300 pesos from Elder Gabuyo.  He didn't get into our house, he just used a stick and some how reached into our apartment and stole 300 pesos from Elder Gabuyo.  So that was interesting.  
We also had a birthday for one of our less actives grand daughter and I bought her a cake and some balloons and when we got there she was so happy and started to cry.  It was three little girls and they came up and hugged me and said thank you elder and they said that is one of the best birthdays they ever had.  I felt so happy and enjoyed the party that we threw for her. 
So that was my week and nothing too much is going on just getting ready to come home.  I am very excited to hear about Aiden getting taught by the missionaries and I would love to be there for it.  I should be home by August 25th on Thursday so that Saturday he could be baptized or the week after  I get home. Just tell them that. I love you all so much and miss you all so much too, take care Francis Family.
Elder Francis 

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