Monday, August 8, 2016

Laoag Week 103

Hello Francis Family,

I am really old now hahaha, I can't even believe it that I am now twenty like wow life goes by so fast. But I had an amazing birthday and got fed so much good food by some of the members and then last Saturday we had a ward family home evening and birthday party for me.  It was so much fun because we played games and we just talked and built a good relationship with the members.  Then they made me sit in a chair in front of all of the members then they sang a birthday song to me in Ilocano.  It is called Padapada kam and they gave me flowers for it and it was such a cool experience.  They made me feel so happy and I started to tear up a little.  I truly love ward 5, they are such a good group of members and they make me feel like a part of their family. So that was a really good 20th birthday that I had here in the Philippines. 
That was great and also guess what?   Sister Carol got Baptized like yeaaaaaa!!!!! It was such a good day for us - to see her smile and I really loved watching her get baptized and seeing her smiling face after.  Then she gave such a beautiful testimony about how she was so happy to meet us.  The story was about a month ago we were finding and Elder Gabuyo asked me where are we going to start and I pointed to a house and he said okay lets try it.  So I yelled "tao po" and sister came out and I said "hello po sister kamusta kayo".   Then we just started to talk to her and since then she has been great and just been growing and her life really has changed so much.  I can see how the gospel has changed her life and I really love how the gospel can change the lives of others. So that was really great for us that we had a baptism this last week.  
I don't have to much too say because I am close to coming home.  So I can just tell you everything when I get home. But congratulations Emily for making the soccer team and hope everything goes great. So I will be seeing you guys in about 16 or 17 days, love you all and miss you all too. 

Love Elder Francis 

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