Monday, July 18, 2016

Laoag Week 100

Francis Family, 

This week has been a really great week for me and Elder Gabuyo.  It was full of blessings and miracles.  We have been really praying a lot for our investigators and also finding new investigators that are ready to accept the gospel or listen to us.  What happened yesterday is that we had 7 investigators come to church and that was such a blessing to see them come and hopefully we will be having a lot of baptisms in August.  Sister Carol is doing great and came to church again. She told us what she is going to wear for her baptism and what time she wants it at.  She is super excited for August 6th and will invite her friends and family.  
We have just been finding and found three girls ages 14 to 16 -  three girls named Cristine, Rosalyne, Rendalyn are sisters and when we found them they were really interested in what we had to share with them and willing to listen to us. So we will see what happens in the next couple of weeks. 
I had a funny story happen to me this last Tuesday.  We were going to one of my areas  to visit one of our investigators named Myla Fernando and to get to her house there is a little bridge that is made out of wood and it goes over a little river.   My companion was going first and stopped because he said he felt the spirit speak to him that it was going to break and he told me "well, you go first" and I said "no you first" and he said "no you go first" and I was like whatever I am going so I went and I took two steps and the second step, my left leg fell through the bridge and I ripped my pants and I was bleeding and had a huge purple and blue bruise.  They asked what happened to me when I got out of it and I think  to myself that God is testing my faith and my companion was just going to see if I was going to really do it and I did and I fell through it.  When we got to one of our investigators homes, her name is Sister Elaine and her husband is a less active but she always comes to church, she saw the rip in my pants and said "I can fix that if you want me to" and told me to take off my pants.   I told her "but I don't have a towel or shorts to put on" so she gave me a lava lava and I had to wear that for an hour and two lessons that we shared which was so funny.   I felt like the missionaries in Samoa or Tonga that get to wear lava lavas.  I know now when there is a sketchy bridge not to take it and I need to make the right decisions. So that was a funny thing that happened to me this last week. 
So now I am recovering with my huge blue and purple bruise on my leg.  I am starting to feel better, I just need to be careful what I eat and hopefully won't get sick again.  I need to also watch what I drink. So that is what happened to me this last week.  I am just enjoying the mission life and working hard and will hopefully have four baptisms before I come home.  I am really praying for it and fasting for my investigators. I love you all and miss you all so much too, take care always and stay safe. 

Love your best son, 

Elder Francis 

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