Sunday, July 10, 2016

Laoag Week 97

Magandang Hapon po Francis Family, 

This week really has been really spiritual for me because we had our zone conference last Tuesday and the trainings that were given and the testimonies that were given were so touching and I really felt the spirit. Some things I learned, like what you said, we might remember our past sins that we and they might weigh us down or we might weaken our faith in Christ.  Sometimes it is hard to be focused, but I can tell you that The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and I have felt it here on my mission.  Especially when times are rough and I feel hopeless and want to give up because everything is too hard, or I am tired of working, I really think to myself I am not the first one to ask why is this so hard, or why is it so hot, or I don't want to work.   I think what Jesus Christ did for me and how he bled and died for my sins, he was bruised and whipped for our transgressions and afflictions, the reason he did it is because he loved his father, just like me I love my Father in Heaven and I want to do the best I can to serve Him. I don't want to upset him in anything I do.  I want to serve him to the best of my ability and give these two years of my life to him and really focus on my mission, especially these last 8 weeks I have.  
I really want to focus on the Savior and serving him, and really think about what the Savior did for me.  I need to do the same by giving my two years of my life to sharing the gospel with others and that is what the gospel is - to invite others to come unto Christ and bring them unto repentance and the waters of baptism to follow their Savior's example.  The gospel leads us to become more like him and will lead us to eternal life. We are saving souls, and especially when i have a baptism and they say thank you, it makes me tear up and especially when you get to see them again and see them active in the church and preparing for a mission and going to the temple.  What amazing experiences they are having because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I really want to take this time as a missionary - it is not a long time -  it goes by so fast like what it says in D&C 58:16- I only get to serve a full time mission once and I won't be able to do it again so I need to live every experience like it is my last day in the field.  
I really have gained such a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seen lives changed because of it.  I have seen families sealed together because of the gospel in their lives. 
So that was my fantastic week.  Still enduring to the end and not letting down and still teaching the gospel to anyone that is willing to listen to us.  I miss you all so much and love you all, have a fun trip to Canada and dad have a good 4th of July and stay safe. 

Mahal ko kayo at ingat kayo palage. :)

Elder Francis  

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