Sunday, March 1, 2015

Piddig Week 28

This is a house we teach in.  An old tatay that is 85 years old lives in there. 

Me with the green bukids and bundoks behind me.

A crowded Jeepney

The Laoag sign.  It's really exciting to see.

It really is more fun in the Philippines.  Old tatay riding a carabao.

Me being scared of this trail that leads down a dark path.

Elder Arribay and all of Laoag.

Me with a carabao, scary and it smells mabaho.

Me and Sister Arancis, close to Francis.  It's really funny and she is really mabait and pretty cute too.
Magandang Hapon Francis Family,

I am doing Fantastic.  I am loving my area here in Piddig, it's really beautiful with so many bukids, bundoks, gubat. I love it how green everything is. We walk through bukids, and gubats every day.  I love serving here in Piddig, the people in the branch are super mabait and very friendly to me. 
This week was a huge success.  We had 42 lessons like WOW and YEA!!!, the goal is 50 lessons a week, but that is the most I have ever had on my mission so far.  So we are working hard, but we will work even harder and harder every day. We will not give up until the work is done and the Lord is pleased. I lov
e being a missionary and a Representative of Jesus Christ, and thinking what he has done for me.  Sa pamaigitan kanyang pagdurusa, kamatayan, pagkabuhay na muli ginawang posible ng tagapaglitas mapapatawad tayo. I don't know if the spelling is right but that is true, Jesus Christ is our savior and he died for us so we can Lumapit sa kanya. The Atonement is such a huge part of my life and how much he really loves each and every one of us.   "Salvation Was Never Easy", like "Missionary Work Is Never Easy", but it's worth it at the end, and we are doing the Lord's work.
 I love it here in the Philippines.  I'm taking some really fun pictures with Carabao and in bukids and Bundoks too. I am getting on really well with my companion and loving the other elders and the language is coming better. 

Today we had our zone activity at Marco Stadium in Laoag.  There were 3 other zones too, so we had a lot of missionaries there.  I played basketball, football, and rugby with the big boys or the Polys and Tongans and Samoans. It was scary and crazy, but it was such a blast.  I think Polys scare me when they scream and slap each other really hard and punch too. But they are the nicest people ever. So everything is going really well for me and I am doing great and enjoying life.  It's still really mainit (hot), but everything is going really well. 

It sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun, Emily is having fun with friends and school, soccer, and skiing. And dad is enjoying work and The Aggies are winning and The Sky View Boys and Girl teams are doing great. Everything is going well for you guys at home. 

How are the Dogs?   How is the Family?  How is the Ward?   How is Logan?

I really miss you guys a ton but I am doing a great thing and that is serving the people here in the Philippines and doing the Lord's work. "The Lord has work for all of us to do" from Pres. Barrientos. It's true, the Lord has work for all of us to do, we just need Faith in Him. 

Ay-Ayaten ka o Mahal Kita
Ingat Po Palagi 
Elder Francis

P.S. I would like some more deodrant, shampoo, and gummy bears, worms and Peach-o's too, and Salamat po for the last box.

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