Monday, November 9, 2015

Batac Week 64

Naimbag Nga Pascua at Naimbag nga Malem Francis Family,

This week has been really good because we had meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday in Laoag.  A quorum of the seventy came here to talk to us, Elder Allen D. Haynie came and we as zone leaders and STL's had a meeting with him on Tuesday night and I really learned a lot from him and especially about being a Strictly Obedient Missionary and obeying all the rules of the missionary handbook and the commandments.  These rules are guidelines to keep us safe, and when we step over the line or do a little pasaway (disobedient) thing it leads to bigger things.   So we need to always remember to be Masunurin (obedient) to the rules. Also he said to be yourself.  It is okay to change -  you can always change something. I really took that to myself to be myself.  I can become a more Christlike person, and try to become like him. 
The last thing that I can remember is are we doing the lord's work our way or his way? Being a missionary, am I doing what the Lord wants me to do?  Am I being exactly obedient to the mission rules?  Am I being a representative of Christ's Church and being the best example I can be to others? He said so much that really caught my attention, that makes me to become a better missionary - not for myself but for the Lord. Remember this is not our work, it is the Lord's work and we are building up Zion and its Foundation.  We are a light for others that are looking for the truth and light, so we as missionaries and members need to do our part and bring others to Christ, like what Jesus Christ did for us.  He suffered and died and bled from every pore for us. I really respect him for that - being our Savior and Redeemer, taking all of the sins of the world because he loves us all. 
This week me and Elder Tago taught a lesson to two girls named Lucky and Prischelle about reading the scriptures and when we read the scriptures we come closer unto God and through the Holy Ghost it testifies the truth to us.  Then she asked us a question about our church and why we have a steeple on top, and we didn't know why. So after the lesson we found out what it meant.  The reason our church has a steeple is to draw one's gaze or eyes upward toward heaven, remembering to always look to God. So when we had church yesterday I looked up at the steeple on the church and it made me think that God is always there for us and he made this beautiful world and universe for us. Then the temple, when it's dark, the temple lights come on and that is to keep the worldly things or the darkness and temptations out and keep the light and happiness inside and that's when we come closer unto Christ and God.  When we are closer to the temple or always looking for the light, just remember when you step out of the light or sin,  it doesn't mean that you are lost you just need to take a step back and come closer to the light of Christ. 
Serving a mission really is a blessing even though it's really hard and how much work work work it is, it really brings me closer to my Heavenly Father through prayer and the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  They know how we feel and they know us one by one.  I can see how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help others understand God's plan for us all.  The center of his plan is family and the Atonement of Christ and I love being able to share this message with the people in the Philippines and seeing a spark light in the heart.  The fire starts when we share the gospel with them.  As members, all we need is our faith and testimony to share the gospel and the spirit will testify to them of the truth. As a missionary I love this work and love being able to serve the lord. 
This is something I have been trying to practice on my mission.  It is the First Vision in Tagalog, and it really took me a while to memorize it or I just didn't really try my best to memorize it.  But one day I decided I wanted to learn it and memorize it and so I did and this is it in Tagalog: "Ako ay nakakita ng isang haligi ng liwanag na tamang-tama sa tapat ng aking ulo, higit pa sa liwanag ng araw, na dahan-dahang bumaba hanggan sa ito ay pumalibot sa akin, nang tumuon sa akin ang liwanag, nakakita ako ng dalawang katahuan, na ang liwanag at kalawahatian ay hindi kayang maisalarwan, nakatayo sa hanggin sa itaas ko, ang isa sa kanila ay nagsalita sa akin, tinatawag ako sa aking pangalan, itinituro ang isa at nagsabi ito ang aking pinkamamahal na anak, pakinggan siya." That is the first vision in Tagalog and when I share this with others I love to see their reactions and see the spirit testify to them of Joseph Smith.  I can see the tears in their eyes and see the spirit working through them, then us testifying of this event and how we know it to be true. This really is a testimony itself and it can brings others closer to God.  Through praying to God to know that Joseph Smith saw god and his son Jesus Christ. 
I know that this is the true living church on earth, with President Thomas S. Monson as the prophet and tagapagsalita sa atin (I forgot in English hahaha), and I love being able to share this with others. I love you all so much and miss you too. Emily you are too young to drive my little sister that I love very much, but you know what? We all need to grow up in life and you are growing up and becoming a Beautiful daughter of God.   Remember to always be a light and example for others, because there is someone always watching you looking at your example. Emily, mom, and dad you are all good examples to me and I thank you for that and I love you all. Take care Francis Family. 

Ay-Ayaten ka 
Elder Francis 

P.S. I would like some shaving cream and some souvenirs from Utah, and some cream soda too. With some of my favorite candy. Thank you for the other two packages. Also I need deodorant and body spray. Last of all money to on my card, because these next two weeks we will be traveling a lot to Badoc and Batac and Laoag for meetings, thank you.

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