Sunday, November 29, 2015

Batac Week 66

Naimbag nga bigat Francis Family,

This week as been great and full of memories.  We did some fun things you can only do here in the Philippines. On Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about Choose to Believe by L. Whitney Clayton and he talked about Jesus Christ being our light and it made me think of a scripture in Mosiah 16:9 and it reads "He is the light and life of the world;yea, a light that is endless,that can never be darkened;yea, and  also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death." So I related it to our life and how throughout our life we have trials and obstacles that lead us away from the light of Christ and we always need to look for it. Everyday we have tests to face.  Will we choose to believe him and allow the light of his gospel to grow within us, or we will refuse to and keep traveling in the dark. But the savior provides his gospel to be our light if we choose to follow it and obey the things he says. So that's what I talked about and how the gospel of Jesus Christ is our light and it will guide us back to him.  But if we choose not to accept it or not to follow it that's when darkness comes into our lives. 
Through the savior's teachings and example it makes it a pathway to us. So this is what I shared with the members and talked about how important the gospel is to our lives and how we need it at the center of our lives and it will guide us safely through the temptations that come towards us. Something I liked that Elder Clayton said is "Belief is something we choose- we hope for it, we work for it, and we sacrifice for it." So I took that to my missionary life and how I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and can make families happier.  I sacrificed my life, my studies, and my family for two years to share this happy message with others that can bring families closer together. Like a girl that me and Elder Farrales found named M. Jose.  She really has a story to tell of her life, because her mother died when she was young and she has one older sister and seven younger than her.  Three years ago her father died and so she had nobody to take care of her and we found her one time outside her house and so we decided to talk to her and she just wrote me a letter and how much her life is better because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how she knows Christ and Heavenly Father is always there for her. Elder Farrales is the one that baptized her, but I loved receiving the letter from her and seeing how happy she is now. That's why I love being able to serve a mission and see how much the gospel can change others and be a light to others. 

Also this week we had the opportunity to plant corn in the Bukids and it was a really fun experience.   It really was hot outside and my hands got blisters because of it, but seeing how much work we did and helping out a brother and his family, he can see how much the missionaries love to do service.  We had to dig a hole and put four kettle corn (seeds) into each hole and then put water over it so it was really Putik (muddy), and I felt how masipag the Filipino people are and how much work and sweat really goes into this work and it is not easy. 
So that was a really fun thing I did this week. Then yesterday we had MLC meeting with the Zone Leaders and Sister training leaders and got to hear trainings from President and Sister Andrada.  I really liked some of the things they talked about being obedient and having a good attitude in this work and for others. When we have a good attitude in missionary work we start to see miracles, The attitude we have in missionary work is the attitude we have for our Heavenly Father and his son. So I took that as we need to love our areas and our companions even if the area is really hard and nobody wants to listen to you, just love the people and show kindness to them.  With companions, just be patient and loving and help them, even if they are different everybody is different in their own way. 
So I really am enjoying the mission life and being companions with Elder Tago.  We are having a lot of fun and working hard and transfers will be next week, so we don't know what will happen but I am okay with it, I had a good 18 weeks with Elder Tago and have learned a lot from him and we got along really well and I'm just excited to see what happens. 
The Philippines is still always really hot but hopefully in December it will get a little cooler.  It is Christmas here too, so just loving the Christmas cheer and the Christmas lights here. So I just can't wait till the parties we will have in the branch and mission activity we will have.  As a zone leader I have to help my zone make a skit and our topic is virtue and make some songs and also I need to get zone t-shirts for Christmas. 
So I am really excited and busy these next couple weeks. But it sounds like you guys are doing great and loving life and everything is going good for you and you will have a fun thanksgiving.  So Thursday is thanksgiving here and we will probably go out to eat and have our thanksgiving, but it won't be like thanksgiving in America hahaha. I will miss you all and hope you guys have a great thanksgiving. 

Ay-ayaten ka 
Elder Francis

P.S. I really need some socks and maybe a Christmas tie like with Santa Claus on it or snowman or something like that, and also I would like cherry seven up or cream soda for Christmas. And also can you send more ctr rings that I can give to people for a gift and just some of my favorite candy and roasted almonds. Agyaman or thank you. 

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