Sunday, November 8, 2015

Batac Week 63


Naimbag nga malem Francis family at Naimbag nga Pascua

I am doing great and enjoying the mission life and everything I do as a missionary, sharing the gospel with others and seeing how much the gospel changes the lives  of others, and seeing how much the atonement can change the lives of others and seeing that through the atonement we can be cleansed from sin and be forgiven of our sins. 
This week was really fun.  We had a Halloween party at the church with the branch and we got to see the skits and dances they did and I loved it.  We did the limbo for ours and danced too.  The branch all laughed at ours and probably at the funny dances we did. Wednesday we had exchanges with the Ap's and I got to go to their area in Gabu and I worked with Elder Peterson.  We rode bikes while we were there and I got really tired really easily, but when we were riding our bikes Elder Peterson crashed on his bike when we were going through the bukids and I started to laugh.  Then I threw up a little because of how hot it was and being so tired from riding bikes so long. 
Also this week in Paoay they have traditions they do - they have a thing called Tumba Tumba and it's kind of a haunted house that we will be going to tonight and we are really excited to get scared and have a good Halloween.  Here in the Philippines it is  All Saints Day, so nobody is at home they are all at the cemetery so it makes it hard to find people to teach. 
The talk I gave was in Tagalog and in English too.  I talked about the light of Christ and how Jesus Christ is our light and what things we can do to get closer to him and the farther we are away from him all we need to do is step into the light and we will be getting closer to him. 
It's really crazy to hear that Emily will be driving like no way, she is too young for that, but now she can drive me around when I get home, hahaha jokelang. But it's good to hear you guys had a good Halloween and had a fun week. We are the good luck family when we go to baseball games, that is so true. I love you all so much and I am doing great, just enduring and working hard and trying to remember my purpose as a missionary. I love you all and miss you too. 

Ay-Ayaten ka Francis Family 
Elder Francis

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