Thursday, December 24, 2015

Magapit/Cagayan Week 70

Dear Francis Family - Merry Christmas,

I am doing great and been enjoying the Christmas season and the Christmas activities we have been having.  I loved watching the little kids dance and  the skits they did.  Then us missionaries did some dancing too which was fun and made everyone laugh. This week was really slow and really long, but we had a lot of parties to go to.

On Saturday I really got sick like I was really hot with body aches and it was hard for me to breathe and  I had bad headaches.  So I went to the doctor Saturday night and she said I had a high fever and gave me a lot of medicine to take about 1,300 pesos worth, so really expensive. The members really were worried about me and they all prayed for me and God answered their prayers.  On Sunday me and Elder Lobaton were late going to Church because I was still pretty hot and really weak in the body, but when I got there everybody seemed happy to see me and asked if I was okay. The branch is really great and all super friendly and really fun to be around. 

For Christmas we will be spending it in Magapit and I will be skyping you on Christmas day here in the Philippines.  So Friday morning for me.   I cant wait to talk to you guys and see you too. Thank you for everything and I love you all and miss you all too. I am only e-mailing short because I will be talking to you guys on Friday but I need the password for skype and the username too. Thank you po. Take care always and love you. 

Elder Francis

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