Sunday, January 10, 2016

Magapit/Cagayan Week 71

Makasta nga fuggak (Good Evening) Ybanag
Naimbag nga malem (Good Evening) Ilokano
Magandang Hapon (Good Evening) Tagalog 

Three languages they speak here in Cagayan or Magapit, you have Tagalog, Ilocano, and Ybanag. 
So Good Afternoon Francis Family.  Here in the beautiful Cagayan Magapit weather, it's starting to rain again like it always does here.  Its' good that I have a jacket now that I can wear that will keep me dry from the rain. This last week was really boring being sick with dengue for 7 days, I didn't get to do anything.  I was on house rest and got to sleep a lot, but then I had to travel to Aparri to get my blood test account for my platelets.  The doctor said I am doing a lot better, had 193 platelet count. 
I am great now and very healthy and I got to work on Sunday afternoon. That was really fun and we did splits with the members so I worked with some of the members.  We went finding new investigators to teach, and we found 6 new people to teach.  One of the lessons we had, the girl we taught cried because we talked about putting Jesus Christ at the center of our life and how much  happier our family can be when we center Jesus Christ in our life. Then she started to cry and told us how there is so much going on in her life, and family problems and we told her that we were there to help her and share a message of light, guidance, happiness and joy for her and her family. So that was a great lesson that we had this last Sunday. 
Today for P-day we played basketball in the morning and got some exercise in  the morning.  Then we went to a members house and had a good lunch. We ate some pig blood fried, and we had some adobo, then ate some dog also. That was really interesting to eat and it's not the first time I have eaten it. But that's what we ate, and hopefully tonight we are going to the castle here in Magapit to take some pictures and just have fun with the elders. But that's what happened to me this week. Just really excited to get back out to work, recovering from dengue, and ready to go to work now. 
I love missionary work and being able to spread the gospel to others, this happiness and joyful message to others. Seeing the happiness in their faces and eyes, and all the miracles and memories I have had in the mission are great and I will never forget them. The friendships I have made and the people I have met.
 It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas with the family and I wish you guys a Happy New Year.  You better get your new goals or things to do for the new year. I love you all so much and miss you all too, take care always. 

Alam ko na si Thomas S. Monson ay buhay na propeta. 
(Ammu nga si Thomas S. Monson ay mattolay nga propeta.)

Alam ko na si JesuCristo ang ating tagapagligtas natin.
(Ammu nga si Hesu Kristo yi tagapagligtas tam.)

Alam ko na ang aklat ni mormon ay totoo. 
(Ammu nga yi book of mormon ay kurkuruk.)

Alam ko na mahal tayo ng diyos. 
(Ammu nga ni Jesus ke mahal ne ittam.) 

Kaya ta Kammu
Elder Francis

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