Monday, March 28, 2016

Magapit/Cagayan Week 83

Good Afternoon Francis Family,

This week has been great and has had its ups and downs also. This week I have been really stressed out and I haven't been really focused on the work. Saturday night and Sunday I started to cry, I don't know why I think it's just because of stress and being away from family and friends for so long. This week I felt like I have been alone in this work and that there is nobody there for me, but then I read a quote by President Thomas S. Monson and it says- "We are not placed on this earth to walk alone." It really lifted me up this week and encouraged me that I am never alone in this work and I have felt his presence and through my prayers and scripture studies I receive the answers for my challenges and trials.

I have been getting skinnier because I keep on getting sick and I don't eat that much when I am sick.  Yesterday I threw up twice and now I have a huge migraine today and it's super hot here and it makes it so hard for me to go to work. But that's what happened this last week. I don't have too much to say because my head hurts too bad to think. But I think I should be coming home August 23rd because they extended two weeks to my mission. But everything is great, I miss you all so much and hope you are all safe and I love you all too. 

Elder Francis

P.S. Can you please put some money on my card at least $100, first my companion has no money to shop for food or anything, and also we have activity on Thursday with our branch and their budget is pretty small.  I wanted to buy snacks for it and also Jonel is going back home soon and I wanted to get her a gift - something really nice. Because she really is my favorite and the closest friend I have. 

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