Sunday, June 5, 2016

Laoag Week 93

Happy Happy 12 WEEKS NA LANG Hindi ako trunky excited lang. I am going to enjoy the next 12 weeks left of my mission, it will go by so fast, and I really want to do the best I can and to go home finishing strong and go home with honor. 
I am super excited for my new companion Si Elder Gabuyo.  He will be my last companion and he will be killing me here on the mission.  I was his zone leader in Batac and he is super friendly and kind and I am super excited to have him as my next companion. 
So I am happy to see what will happen the next 12 weeks and I really have that attitude every day:  did I do my best or give my best. I want to take that as my motivation.  I was listening to a song lately and I heard this quote I really like what it said "live each day like it's your last". I want to work so hard and to do the best I can like it is my last day in the mission field. 
Well the area is good and we are really focusing on the less actives and reactivating them and building up the ward.  That is my focus right now because Richard and Precious's parents said no they cant be baptized, which is sad but I won't give up on them.  We have two kids Ram and Bj D. they are part member, their mom is less active and we will be focusing on them and hopefully they will be baptized in June or July. So that will be exciting for us and everything is going well.  I don't have much to say this week, but next week I will have a lot. I miss you all so much and love you all so much and hope you all enjoy the summer break. I can't wait to hear from you guys next week. Love you guys. 

Mahal ko kayo at ingat kayo palagi 

Elder Francis 

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