Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Batac Week 55

Magandang hapon po francis family,

This week has been great and really hot.  I really miss the rain and the cold.  I don't like this hot weather and I hate always sweating and being stinky and gross all day. But that is the Philippines and the mission life that I just need to enjoy and have fun. I really love the Philippines and the people, 
Today we had lunch with our homie Jose or the brother from Sacramento California.  He is a great investigator of ours, he calls us homie and we are his best friends. He cooked lunch for us today and we had squid and fish and of course rice. Then he also came to church and he said it was different, but he liked it and he really wants to change his life and wants us to help him. He has a huge problem with smoking and drinking and has a lot of stories and he wants to change his life around, he has been to prison and jail a lot of times and thinks he should be dead already, but he says to us that God is keeping him alive and has a plan for him. So he talked to us and now he is one of our investigators. 
Also this week we had a family home evening and I was the conductor for it and we had so much fun.  For the games we played a game where the person in the middle thinks of a subject like animal and we have to guess what animal it is and who ever guesses it rights gets baby powder to the face or lip stick.  I got so much baby powder to the face, because the tradition here in the Philippines is that they love to embarrass people and love to laugh, so they always have someone that loses do a talent. I love the family home evenings here in the Philippines and the fun traditions they do for it. 
Not too much happened this week, I am still here in Paoay with Elder Tago for another 6 weeks which is okay.   Hopefully next month we will have some baptisms. Like two or three so that will be exciting. But everything is going great and loving the mission life and the Philippines and surviving everything and getting to meet new people everyday.  I can see the Lord's hands in this work and the people that he leads us to every day.  Take care Francis family and I miss you all and love you all too. 

Ofa atu or ay-ayaten ka or mahal kita
Elder Francis

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