Sunday, September 6, 2015

Batac Week 53

This is Elder Francis and I am dead, this is his spirit talking to you. Elder Francis had an accident in the typhoon he went for a swim and a shark attacked him and he fought it off, but then he got bitten and died.

Jokelang Elder Francis is alive here in the Philippines even though it rained like crazy and there was flooding like crazy, and the water came up to my knees. This week was crazy.  From Friday to Sunday we had no power and it rained like crazy, we had to stay inside on Friday and Saturday and we went to 7-eleven to buy snacks. Then today I found out that we have no water to drink or power for two weeks, so this will be fun and challenging. I really need some money on my card for the next couple of weeks, we will be going out to eat for a long time and we cant put anything in the fridge. So we will be eating snacks for two weeks, like yea!!!. 
But I am doing great and enjoying this weather and my first typhoon in the Philippines, like the rain was crazy and the wind.  After it stopped we went outside and saw the damage and the floods were crazy, water up past my knees and destroying houses and homes of people. We were walking home from 7-eleven and the wind was so strong my umbrella rapped all the way around me and broke. So I have no jacket or umbrella. 
As a zone leader I have to text my zone and keep updated on how they are doing and if there are any problems and if there are, we travel to them to help them. I love being a zone leader and being a example to others.  
One story, we walked to this house they are recent converts, the Perdido brothers , and the storm or floods and the water was past our knees and we got to their house and they were so surprised - what we were doing outside our apartment.  We were checking on our members and making sure everyone is safe. On Sunday church was thirty minutes later and we had no classes because of the flooding. This week we didn't really do that much except from Friday to Sunday we stayed inside played card games, talked, studied, slept. It was so boring, but now we have no power or water to drink for two weeks, so we bought some snacks and huge water bottles for the next two weeks. So that's what happening here in Paoay or the Philippines. 

It sounds like you guys are ok and enjoyed summer and Emily is doing great at soccer and loving school.  Who are some of her teachers?  How is everything going, the family, the ward, and life. I miss you all so much and love you all too. 

Ay-Ayaten ka 
Elder Francis

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