Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Batac Week 57

Naimbag nga malem Francis Family,

Hello po Francis family.  This week was a lot different with working only one day.   I had to come back to Paoay with one of the Assistants to give my training for ZTM or zone training conference.  With my companion in the hospital I had to give a really long training and it was pretty fun.  The focus was on finding and how we need to open our mouths and talk to everyone.  That's what I talked about at ZTM. 
From Tuesday to Sunday we were in the hospital and it was boring just sitting there resting, studying for ZTM, and eating snacks for 6 days.  I ate donuts, snickers, fudge bars, Gatorade, water, and mt. dew. That was my lunch and dinner for six days, like what the hospital life, t.  That's why I needed money, I ran out because the hospital is so expensive.  Thank you guys for the money.  
Elder Tago had dengue, he really looked sick, he had a high fever, body pains, didn't want to eat, rashes on his arms, and other things. But that was my week this week, I felt like I was in prison taking pictures and being watched everyday and  just sitting there in a small room. 
Christmas here in the Philippines does go from September to December - it is everywhere in the Philippines. I love it - Christmas music and Christmas lights, trees already up. For Christmas I would just like money, because I would like to get a bamboo backpack or a carabao belt. 
Jose is doing well, we didn't get to teach him this week.  I talked to him and he is doing great and wants us to keep teaching him and hopefully he will progress towards baptism. But that's everything. It sounds like you guys will be enjoying the next couple weeks and going to Disneyland.   Get out of the house and take a trip and have fun. I love you all and miss you all too. Take care and stay safe. 

Elder Francis

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